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    So here goes my intro....
    I have been on this site for a while now and I have contributed some and now feel comfortable enough to get to the personal.
    I am male straight white (Canadian) and in the 40-50 year old range. I am on my second marriage and we have three kids... two of hers one of ours.

    I would put myself in the diaper lover catagory as I have a diaper fetish and find diapers very sexually stimulating. My wife knows about my fetish and is okay/comfortable with it. Diapers are a big part of our active sex life; although she does not wear them.

    I currently use KINS cloth diapers and nylon waterproof panties and have a supply of disposibles as well.

    I have had this fetish since my early teens so I guess I have about 30 years experience with this lifestyle... and have been on the internet since probably the very beginning. I have experienced some of the problems and concerns of the members; ie, being caught, telling a loved one, buying diapers. As well as being divorced and having step kids (I am the "evil step dad"). However, I am surprised, shocked, and amazed at the issues, concerns and experiences that the teens and young people on this site are going through right now and how they/you are coping.

    I am a long haul truck driver and drive mainly from southern Ontario to western Canada... Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver; then down to the western states Washington, Oregon, and then back to Toronto/ southern Ontario. I am usually gone for about 9-13 days.

    I love hockey and I am a Leafs fan.

    Thats all for now.


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    Welcome! I'm glad your wife is accepting of your fetish.

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    Woah! That was personal all right!

    Have fun on the forums!

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    I'm Rainbow, Tafshin's IRL Mommy/girlfriend/ best friend/ roommate.

    Hope to get to know ya. = )

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