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    I finally decided that i needed something other then goodnites and thought about ways i could buy online, but since i live with my parents and am 16 without a credit card it makes it difficult. So. I was wondering "can you set up a Paypal account with a prepaid card?", and if you cant "can i still use it to buy online from most stores?" My final question is, "then what should I buy?" I was thinking Bambinos since it seems like everyone loves them. If you have any other advice or suggestions about buying online it would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    PayPal, for me, it asks for me to look at the history on my card for a 4 digit code to activate it. I am not sure if you can do this with a prepaid card. If the prepaid card can be used online, you can use it on sites such as Amazon, or anywhere that accepts the card type you are using. Good luck!

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    Use Moneypak. They sell these cards at Duane Reades, Rite Aids, CVS's, etc. Just about any convenience store. Make your own Paypal account, type in the code on the back of the card, and buy w.e. you want off the internet.

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    Yes, you can set up a paypal account with a prepaid giftcard.

    To answer your second question, that is entirely up to you. It also depends on your budget, and how often you buy diapers. I buy diapers pretty often, so spending some money on more expensive stuff doesn't really hurt me ( They come in smaller packs ) . However when I used to order only when I had the opportunity I would buy something that would last me while.

    I would personally have to recommend Abena X Plus, they're nice and thick, they hold a lot and you can get a pack of about 22 for $20

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    I set up a paypal account with my prepaid card, (that I recently found out doesn't work anymore, funny story...), but it works like any other card. If you want to make it even easier just get a paypal gift card. It'll make it simpler than a prepaid card.

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