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Thread: AuronJohnsons parents got in a car accident!

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    Unhappy AuronJohnsons parents got in a car accident!

    My good friend Jay's parents got into a bad car accident today, his dad has a broken clavicle bone and his mum was cut a little bit, the car was totalled, since he is one of our members on this forum and my best friend, I figured I'd post this... Everyone wish him well as he is freaking out still.

    ~ A good friend ~
    Jake the Fox

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    I wish him nothing but the best and I hope that his parents get better as soon as posible, give Jay a hug for me and here's one for you. Your a good friend Jake.

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    Oh no! That's a terrible thing to happen to his parents. With good reason he's freaking out over it. I know it had to be a shock to him when he found out. They're certainly fortunate to not have been killed or have any life threatening injuries. Please let jay know we're all certainly thinking about he and his parents. Hope they both have a quick recovery from the accident.


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    Being in a car accident is pretty scary. Its fine once you know your okay, but while the accident is in motion it sort of feels like the world slows down yet it keeps going at actual speed. When I was in mine I was like "Is this really happening?"

    Anyway I pray his parents get better soon tough it seams the injuries are not that big. But still my prayers are with them.

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    I'm very sorry about Jay's parents. I've been through this before in my life and it is NOT fun. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. I will pray for them to recover quickly!

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    Likewise, I hope they make a speedy recovery. I got hit when I was 14 walking across a busy highway. It took me half a year to recover. Accidents are always traumatic. It sounds like Jay's parents will make a good recovery. I'm glad that it wasn't any worse.

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    I am happy to hear that they were not hurt any worse than they are!! I hope they heal up quickly & Jay can get calmed down abit!!

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    Oh no!

    I've only been in one car accident in my life O.o, that was with my mom driving.

    We were turning into the neighborhood when all of a sudden a car pulls out not even stopping to check for traffic, and rams into the side of us.

    Only bad thing that happened to me was a scraped knee, but I know what you mean the world does seem to slow down A LOT.

    My friend from youth group got hit by a car while riding her bike =( she thankfully only broke her left arm and nothing else bad happened, although earlier her cat got hit by some street racers and died =(.

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