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    Default Chell in the rain

    I just got linked to this by a good friend. It's pretty amazing really, the most simplest site has touched thousands of people.
    Check it out if you want, and look into the extras.
    Incase anyone dosen't get it, The image is user submitted artwork from the game 'Portal 2' by Valve.
    (Note, If you havn't played the game this could be considered a spoiler. Depending on how you look at it.)

    Chell in the Rain

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    I've been growing to liking "Exile Vilify"-The National

    However, the song is pretty slow and I still don't feel like it fits in with portal 2. The song is just to serious for the game IMHO.

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    Interesting perspective. I thought it worked really well. The song isn't so much about P2 as it is about the impact the combination makes. I found the blog post that went with it really informational.
    A Message from Nick

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