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Thread: Problem with Audiodg.exe

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    Default Problem with Audiodg.exe

    Okay, this problem is really starting to piss me off. If you are running Windows 7 then I ask you how much memory Audiodg.exe is using on your pc. Well, mine starts off as 13mb of memory usage, but it slowly uses more AND MORE AND MORE RAM. I restarted my computer yesterday, it's been about 26 hours since I did and now audiodg.exe is using 3.9GB of memory (THAT ISN'T RIGHT, IS IT?) so there is clearly a big memory leak going on.

    The solutions I tried, but didn't fix anything:

    1. Install VIA Sound dock's latest drivers

    2. Tried installing a hotfix from microsoft that was supposed to fix it, but didn't do anything.

    I'm hoping some of you can come up with some ideas. Here are some specs that will probably be important to solving the problem.

    Speakers: Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound
    Processor: AMD Phenom II x4 955
    GPU: GTX 570
    OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 (No SP1, because it won't let me install it for some reason, I get an "Element not found" error when I try to install it, I also can't install IE9 for some reason. Both give me an error code of 490. But that's another problem I'm trying to figure out)
    Oh, and also the copy of Win7 is legit, got it as a free copy from my College's MSDN partnership.

    Well, if anyone has any ideas, shoot, I would appreciate something I can try. I've basically lost all hope at this moment, so suggestions are appreciated.


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    I'm afraid there seems to be little information on Google about it - suggests that Audiodg.exe can be modified by individual programs offering DSP functions. So it could be anything you've installed sound related, not just VIA drivers.

    The first thing I'd do is download all the latest drivers for your sound card, and download a program called Driver Sweeper. Uninstall all your current sound drivers/devices, reboot into safe mode, run driver sweeper. Analyse and clean any sound related items. Reboot, install up to date drivers. See what happens.

    I always do that when installing new graphics drivers - updating drivers can leave items lying around.

    Second step for me would probably be a clean install of win 7 I'm afraid...

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    I had this issue. It seems to happen when you select an audio quality your card isn't natively capable of supporting.
    Try going into properties of your master audio out and go to the last tab. You should get a list of sampling frequencies and DAC bits.
    Try experimenting with these. I ended up defaulting it and it fixed it for me.

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    Thanks Macky, that seemed to work! I can't believe I didn't try that before...

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    No problem man. Glad it worked out for you!

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