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    I'm Bob. I'm a stable guy in a monogamous LTR. I'm not an age regression guy. I like being the age I am, I just also like wearing diapers at night when I sleep.
    I also consider myself active. I bike, golf, kayak, and enjoy hiking with my dogs.
    I write a story in CG reads like a comic book, that tells of some of my experiences as a young boy. It had some popular support when I first aired it. Though it seemed to have an audience, it lacked a forum. I hoped that I might find one here. The pages are jpgs. If anyone knows where it could fit in, please let me know. I'll send some out to anyone interested.
    Nice to meet you all.

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    Stories seems right. I know of no rule that says stories need all be text; or traditional media in any way. Bring on the stories carried out in chat logs! Graphic novels! video! epic poems!

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