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Thread: Hello fellow Padded ones.

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    Default Hello fellow Padded ones.

    While I'm not new to the padded community I am new to this site.

    I'm a male 21 years old, I have been attracted (for lack of a better word) to diapers for as long as I can remember.

    I'm a budding artist focusing on mainly DL/AB type drawings
    I mainly consider myself a DL though I do have a Cat-character that I use in the furry community so I fit into the babyfur/diaper category too.

    I hope to have fun and make some new friends here.

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    Hi there, welcome to the site!

    I'm sure we'd all love to see your art - any galleries online you have your work in?

    Hope you can make lots of new friends, nice to meet you!

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    Wow, you sound like me! Except I don't limit myself to just AB/DL drawings (not there's anything wrong with that, of course).

    Anyway, welcome to the site! I hope that you feel at home as much as I do here!

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    I have do have galleries on both dA and FA. my user-name on both is "Prodigious9"

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    i'm on DA wonderboy1234
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    Cool, more artists! Welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacifierteen View Post
    i'm on DA wonderboy12134
    Really? I couldn't find you.

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    whops its wonderboy1234

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