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Thread: Babyish Fears

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    Default Babyish Fears

    Does anyone else have babyish fears?

    Something 99% of adults aren't scared of, but you truly are?

    I was thinking about this, because it is storming really bad outside and I am terrified of storms. Up until my teenage years, i would run to my mom and dads room whenever it stormed. Eventually i grew out of that. Then i would just lay in my room wide awake whenever it stormed.

    My walls are literally shaking right now from Thunder and i am literally shaking.

    So i thought i would see if anyone else had similar babyish fears.

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    Hmm... God honestly? I'm afraid of going on bridges.... *shudders* all that water...

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    The dark. When I'm in bed at night, I have to have my laptop plugged in, that way the small light is on. It may be small, but it's very bright for being small. When I'm in the dark, there has to be a light on, or my heart rate goes up ten-fold.

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    the dark(still use a night light), flying (last one i spend the entire time shaking), heights (never got to the top of the effiel tower or anything similar), articulated lorrys (after a car crash)

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    I have a fear of the dark, and a fear of heights (Ironic considering I'm 6'3"). I also have a fear of the unknown, not so much things that I don't understand, but the things I can't see lurking in the dark :/


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    The dark, Thunderstorms, outside at night. I freaking hate thunderstorms though. DAMN thoes are scary

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    Hmm, I must be brave baby, then. Because I LOVE thunderstorms! We just had one this morning!


    I was camping at Indiana Beach one year for my mom's company picnic, and we had a BAD thunderstorm (good thing we had a travel trailer instead of tents!). The lightning sounded like it hit the neighboring campground, Jellystone. It was bad. Let me sum it all up for you guys in two words. CRACK!!! CRASH!!!!

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    "There's So much more than corn in Indiana, on Beautiful Lake Shafer" I only went there once when i was really uyoung.

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    Hm, I don't have many fears o.o never really have. Have always loved t-storms, the dark only fascinates me, buuutt.

    As ironic as it is I hate to be alone xP I usually keep the TV on so I feel like someones there with me, or have a chat open o.o

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