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Thread: For those who wish to wet the bed!

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    Default For those who wish to wet the bed!

    Hello there. This is for those who truly wish to wet the bed.

    Some one on these here forums named Jewbacca has came up with this wonderful solution or something that is very close to it.

    Step 1. Wait for warm weather. Late spring - early fall preferred.
    Step 2. Make sure that the garden hose is attached and will not leak.
    Step 3. Run your garden hose to your bed.
    Step 5. Make sure that your hose will not fall or slip off the bed.
    Step 6. Crack the faucet a titch for 5 seconds.
    Step 7. Make sure your garden hose is fully retracted.
    Step 8. Your bed is now wet.
    Step 9. Ignore the fact that there is no step 4.

    Wacca! Wacca! Wacca!

    But seriously! You don't really want to have the real bed wetting problem. You will have a bit more stress on your life and you will be dragged through medical test and examinations after tests and examinations after tests and examinations. Which they are a hassle and a real big fat pain in the urithera and probably the butt

    Mods. I am sorry if this has been posted and if there are too may smiles in here.

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    Most ingenius "how to wet the bed" topic I ever heard. Contests on he victory!!

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    I heard it's alot easier if you take a bucket of water and dump it on your bed, but if you want to wet your bed in your sleep, sleep with said bucket.

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    I heard watering cans work equally well.

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    This was posted three days ago and was only discovered now!? We must alert the government of this discovery!

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    Well, It looks like everyones problems (everyone who wants to try bedwetting that is) are solved. Good work.

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    Needs moar cowbell.

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    Yes, a cowbell wetting alarm.... the lawr demands it.

    I prefer using my yellow winnieh the pooh beach-bucket set instead of a hose..

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    Seriously put your mattres outside when it's raining afterwards put it back in your bed.

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