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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Mickael, from France.
    I stumbled upon this forum and thought it would be interesting to join and talk.

    Because of a small bladder it occurs that I have some accidents and I often wear a diaper to get a better security feeling in case it happens. But I must say I like a lot wearing them, as Drynites (Goodnites as they are called elsewhere) are really comfy and provide this security feeling

    See you!


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    Welcome, Mickael! I don't know a lot of French people, but I must say I love the country - I've visited Paris and the Loire valley in the summer holidays last year. It was pretty awesome.

    I think we can all agree here that diapers are comfortable and convenient =P Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    You are among people who share your feelings! If I may ask, how are we different or even better (for you) than ABKingdom?

    It is great (says I) to see so many people arrive who speak more than English whether as a native tongue or a second language; lately we've been seeing more, Dutch, Africaans, French & Belgians, Serbs, Polese, a Russian or two...

    I love it. Sure this is an English language site and it would not be desirable to see it collapse into a polyglot tower of Babel. But on the other hand, it means we can take in members whose English isn't quite perfect and pair them with a mentor who can help guide them around!

    Adisc won't be a substitute for diaper sites based in one's own language and country. But it is a hell of a great site to have IN ADDITION to a home site!

    And when our English-speaking members hit 18 and travel, they can have friends in Germany, France, Holland, and on into Eastern Europe!

    (One day I'll go see Russian raccoons: I know at least 2 exist

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    Sorry for the late answer and thank you for the warm welcome
    And even if I'm sometimes described as shy, I like to talk if I feel comfortable in an environment that suits me fine. And I think this will be the case on that forum.
    That's why I decided to register a while after having discovered it.
    I've lived in Paris for 5 years now, this is a city I'm beginning to know pretty well However, I only discovered last year the Loire valley.

    To answer to your question Raccoon, I don't know ABKingdom very well, but I'm not really interested in it as it is only AB oriented, and I don't feel like an AB at all. Pacifiers and baby games are definitely not my stuff (even if I respect people with those interests of course)! I wear diapers, not all the time by the way, and even though they can be awkward in some few situations, I really enjoy wearing them most of the time and they are sometimes very helpful.
    That's why I guess I will feel more comfortable talking with most of you on this forum

    And it will be a great way to improve my English as well ;-) Such a forum in English is a nice way to meet people with similar interests / concerns, wherever you live!
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    Bonjour Mickael! Comment cava? ^_^ Hehe! I hope you find what you are looking for here. Everyone is really friendly, and most are willing to help with any questions you may need answers to!

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    Ça va bien, merci :-)
    Thank you for your message!

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