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Thread: What do you think if your diaper make noise under your jean by walking?

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    Default What do you think if your diaper make noise under your jean by walking?

    I often wear my diaper under a pair of jean, and noise is made while i'm walking at home or outside... It's natural and don't mind me
    And to you, what is your opinion about this made noise?

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    I don't like the noise - not because I think anyone else does notice, rather because I find it highly annoying.

    But I'm so glad that there are good diapers which don't crinkle under a pair of shorts...

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    That slight crinkly noise is the best. I don't really worry about other people hearing it as even if they do notice it's unlikely they will make the diaper connection. And if they do, so be it. Life goes on.

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    I think noise is one factor that diaper designers/manufacturers do take into account - I can remember years ago suffering from crinkly plastic pants and crinkly tape on diapers - but here in tthe UK I think you would find it difficult to find a brand that peroduced even a few decibels. My guess is tha in a few year (or maybe it's happened already) people will be posting to sites like this asking where they "can get diapers which make the crinkly noise that is so much part of the experience of wearing"

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    As long as people actually buy them, they will be made.

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    Depends on the nappy, some are noisy and some are silent. Noisiest I encoutered was "Vlesi-slip" and quietest was Lille Supreme Fit and Tena Slip

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    Although Tena Slip are the only (adult) diapers I've tried yet I can confirm that they are very quiet indeed.

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    To my knowledge, most premium diapers don't crinkle too loudly, especially under jeans. Ambient noise from the environment usually drowns out any diaper noise.

    If you want to take precautions about having the diaper make noise, just carry your keys on a clip and clip to pants via a belt loop. The clips can be bought at most stores for a dollar or so.

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    I think the ATN's do crinkle, and they are the only plastic diaper I have owned. I've never worn them outside my house, but I think no matter what those crinkle more than the abena's I have.

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