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    I was just wondering what was the best way to either eliminate the smell of feces/urine, or bring it to a minimum. I have heard that chlorophyll suppliments are a good way to effectively neutralize the odor, but I was wanting to know if anyone has had any success. If it doesn't work, what do you use to eliminate odor?

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    Well you can always make it smell less initially but playing with your diet and such I have heard the a lot of the smell is produced by certain food we eat so if you planning to have an " ab session" maybe in advance you could try changing you diet for jsut that few days before it ^^.

    When it comes to wearing from what i understand certain powders can help or the use of plastic pants are good for minimizing the smell. Abuniverse also sells a sent with their diapers that helps mask some scents a bit but its a bit strong so it depends on what you like.

    Its probably worth getting deodorizer or a very neutral smelling air refresher from the shops and spraying in around during or after said events to help control the smell.

    Anyway hoped this helped ^^

    Hehe its slightly Ironic that a skunk furry is asking about odour control :p
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    Eh, yeah, had this consideration come up myself.
    I've tried charcoal tabs, which worked to a degree.
    But, the Chlorophyll tabs, really did the trick (in-as-much as it's possible).
    Yes, diet plays a major roll, but you'll have to work-out those things for yourself, since everyone's system is different.

    I wish you luck in resolving your own challenges.


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    Many good makes of adult diapers do have constituents that are designed to contain the smell of urine - and as long as you don't delay changing when really wet, these will protect you quite well and the charcoal/chloryphyl tablets do help. Drinking a lot of water is both good for you and helps because the urine is less "strong". Fecal incontinence is another matter and unless you are producing small hard, well formed feces the honest answer is that notheing will really protect against the tell tale odour effectively. There are all sorts of other good reasons for changing after having a bowel movement in a diaper and it is a fools paradise to hope you can avoid a smell from anything but a very small "normal consistency" fecal loss.

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    sounds like chlorophyll would be right up my alley. can it be bought locally like at a rite-aid or cvs? or do i have to go to specialty vitamin shops?

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    also if that fails, carry a small bottle of cologne or body spray, ittl help cover it up till you can change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arenskunk View Post
    sounds like chlorophyll would be right up my alley. can it be bought locally like at a rite-aid or cvs? or do i have to go to specialty vitamin shops?
    Since people's systems react differently, I have to suggest that you try-out different products, till you find one that works well with you.
    That might seem like a lame reply, but I accidentally stumbled on one, my first time out, and didn't truly appreciate its efficacy till I ventured out and tried many different others.

    I wish you well in your endeavors.


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