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Thread: Made the mistake of generics...

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    Default Made the mistake of generics...

    So I've been living the good padded life since March or so, Bambinos, Abena's, etc. and no generics that I had worn for so long before. So yesterday I figured that I should buy some generics so I don't deplete my good stash...only problem is they pale in comparison to the previous brands. I feel really spoiled now having bought all these good ones. Well I can assure you these will get used but I'll probably wind out doubling on everyone of them 8 bucks wasted

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    Butterfly Mage


    A good compromise between high-end diapers and generics is Attends. They're a whopping $40 for a whole case on Walgreens' website.

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    You should try Tranquility ATN's (all through the night.) Depending on where you order from they should budget to be around ~75 cents per diaper and will last far longer than any generic would. Compared to the high end diapers out there they're not quite there but they still do work very well as a general use diaper. I'd still stick with an abena or molicare as a night time diaper, which is ironic as these are supposed to be the "All through the night" type of diapers, but the ATN's are great for daytime use. They also have an odor neutralizer so you won't have to worry about the smell; that and they are super comfortable too!

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