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Thread: New diaper smells?

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    Default New diaper smells?

    I went to prison about 4 1/2 years ago and I was really sad that I could not walk into the baby diaper section of a store and enjoy the smell of diapers. I just got out of prison and am dismayed that all diapers do not have that intoxicating smell of freshness anymore. WHY?

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    they are hot-sealed shut in the plastic bag, so no air/scent can escape. buy a pack, open it, and smell the freshness

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    Kinda wondering the same as zephy

    But yea Diapers went downhill

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    Welcome back to the outside world!

    My impression of diaper aisles today as compared to those of maybe 10 or 15 years ago is that the smell is still there and similar, but much less strong.
    There are certain types of diapers today that still smell like what I remember...seems like Pampers brand babydry fit the bill to some extent but I don't buy baby diapers either...

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    I noticed the diaper aisle smelled really strongly recently, then abruptly went back to normal. It made me wonder if someone ripped open a pack.

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    If we are talking baby diaper then yes there is that soft enjoyable nostalgic regressive sent that takes us back to being a baby and being safe and warm in mummies arms vs adult diapers which smell like a hospital and a plastics factory! honestly not enjoyable for me but then its the only thing that fits so tbh just glad i have talc and oil to make me spell all babyish

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    idk what youre talking about but i can still smell all the diapers going down the aisle

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    Yeah, I smell the diapers going down the isle as well. I wear cloth so when they smell, it's not a good thing...haha. I have shared this before, but I love Johnson's Baby Lotion. I think it has that old Pampers sort of smell. I put it on my diaper area every morning after my shower. It's like a little babyness goes with me to work every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    So uh... what were you in prison for? ._.
    From what I've been told from people who work with prisoners, most people in prison will volunteer the information if they are willing but if they don't, don't ask. While not trying to sound rude or forceful (or like I'm talking behind his back), l suggest maybe letting the OP put his past behind him.

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