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Thread: If you were a furry...

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    Default If you were a furry...

    This thread should be interesting.

    You describe one good thing and one bad thing about life of you were actually a furry. I'll start.

    Good: I would be warmer. Wisconsin winters are really cold.

    Bad: Fixing computers might be tough. With all of that fur, You're bound to create huge volumes of static electricity, which can potentially damage your computer.

    Note: you can post more than once in this thread. just put them up as you think of them.

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    Default Computers and furrys

    Hi All

    Spirit is all furry and he seems to be able to fix puters just fine heheheh (he has helped me on line lots of times ehhehehee)



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    Good: Warmth, gun toting mink?...awesome!
    Bad: Abomination of nature, would never work, minks are hunted and skinned for their coats :O

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    Good: I would be cuter, and I could hunt easer

    Bad: I would be a lot more dangerous.

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    good: fur to keep me warm, it would just be awesome, possibly enhanced senses and/or physical abilities, cute (at least I'd hope)

    bad: fur would be bad during the summer, it would be hard to dry off after taking a bath, diaper changing could be more of a problem

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    good: i would have a beautiful shiny coat and be able to run really fast.

    bad: i don't think they allow pets like horses in my apartment

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    Good: Never having to need diapers because bunnies are creatures of the wild and are free to 'go' anywhere they please! :-D Not to mention being awesomely cute! (Is there anything cuter than a baby bunny?)

    Bad: My beautiful long silky ears would forever be getting caught in things...doors, drawers, etc etc (I know this 'cause my long hair does that now!)

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    Pros: Photographic memory. Having fur (Ima get hypnotized to have fur)

    Cons: Photgraphic memory.

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    Good: ill always be ready for anything and dont have to worry about changeing in and out of stuff.

    Bad: trying to snowboard because it is hard to ride with seeing whats behind you

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    Good: Warmth and cuteness; no more pants (Except diapers)

    Bad: Embarassment, Fur gettin everywhere.

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