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    hello eveyone I found ths site and thought I would join and post up. I am a 40+ Diaper loving male. I am hoping to find somegood info and maybe some new ideas to try out. I look forward to chatting with some fellow diaper lovers, I have some interesting experiences involving diapers and B&D. TTFN. JYD

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    Hey there Jyd - always good to have some older members in the mix, especially as the board skews quite youthful at the moment. If you want to expand on this intro it might help us to get to know you better - especially your non-abdl (we kinda assume we're all diaper-freaks together here ;-) otherwise, welcome to ADISC, see you on the boards :-)

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    Well when I get the chance I like to spend my time out in the wilds hunting fishing etc. My taste in music run the gamet to cover everything but opera or rap. I am an acccomplished craftsmen, having built or reno'd must of my house and yard. I also enjoy working on my truck doing modifications etc.
    The use of diaper occured in my teen years then went away in my twenties and started coming back in my thirties. I find that wearing them actually helps me to relax.

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    I find that wearing them actually helps me to relax.
    Not me, I get all excited... I am also 40+.

    It is cool to hear of members' skills and success in life. It is important on a support forum to hear that abdl does not mean loserdom or success restricted to a few programmers and furry artists.

    We have young members who haven't really found their way in life. We have distressed members: by definition we will have unhappy people on a self-help group.

    It would be easy to wonder if there are successful, normal, healthy abdl folks out there, with good jobs, wives, boyfriends, and good teeth. The stereotype of the fat 24/7 AB who lives on welfare in his parents' basement doesn't help our image.

    If the only site you know is Adisc it colors you ideas of what the abdl world looks like; if you stick to only one site you will assume all abdl's are similar to the ones you know and see.

    It is good to hear about you and your skills and hobbies, thanks.

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    I'd go with everything but normal in that statement., but anyone who has these interests has veered a wee bit from the norm. Justbecause someone has kinks dos not mean they are freaks though. The teenage years suck for most people and all I can say to them is that things will improve just hang in there. I do wish the net was around back when I was a teen, it would have helped me a lot I think to know that I m not the only one with tastes that deviate from general society. It has taken alot of talks with the missus to where she has an understanding of my desire for diapers, she is now curious to try it out. Once I figure the right forums I'll post up about my first diaper exerience with her, it was quite intense.

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