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Thread: Am I a furry?

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    Default Am I a furry?

    I don't even know if I am one. I don't do much what typical furry would do. However, I own lots of cute cat plushies. I adore cats very much. I even act like cat sometimes to my wifey just for fun. Only time I actually dressed up as a cat was for halloween '89... I was 6 back then. It was one of very few moments I remember very well from the '80s.

    So.... am I qualify as a furry? Just wondering for your opinions. =)

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    Well, I think you'd have to decide that for yourself. Do you like pretending to be animals? Do you like any paraphernalia that goes along with being a typical furry (collars, tails etc.)? This reminds me of me when I was trying to figure out if I was a Sissy or not.

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    Well Im not entirely sure what defines a furry exactly well I have heard many different levels of it. Some people are just very lightly into it and only use it for role playing and such and its not a major thing for them.
    Others its their whole like its their culture and a deep part of who they are, as where its purely sexual for others and about 600 other levels in-between that.
    In my opinion if you have to ask you probably aren't your are more of just curious about the furfandom but maybe im wrong either way you could just try exploring it and see how you feel its something that you really have to decide for yourself ultimately.

    What do you view a furry exactly as anyway ? maybe that would be easier to answer first

    Anyway have fun with it. I dont think you appear to be a furry myself but then maybe im wrong :P

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    The definition of the term furry is pretty loose, but, yes, I think with what you have described, you could consider yourself a furry. It's really up to you though, whether you want to think of yourself as one or not.

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    Thanks for the replies!

    If I am a furry, then for sure it would be very mild. I have to think about it and determine on whether I am a furry or not. =)

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    Reaching back to the info I gathered from my furry days, if you like Anthropomorphic animals (That's the fancy name for Furry characters. Animals with human characteristics like standing up on two feet, talking, wearing clothes, etc.) in cartoons, art, or anything like that... I'd say you qualify as a furry.

    But liking cats and having a lot of cat plushies just means you like cats. Heeheehee. Though, acting like your favourite animal is common amongst furries...

    Aghh, I'm getting all nostalgic... *happysigh*

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    Furry is whatever you want to make of it. You decide for yourself if you want to be a furry or not. Every one has a different idea as to what furry means to them. It is a hobby. It's something you do for fun. It's not a lifestyle like so many make it out to be. Plain and simple.

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    From what I've read here, you might be, but it really depends on your own opinion. Being a fur isn't like being *B/DL, but more 'if you want it, you can' kind of thing.
    From my experience, this is how these things work...


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    Also I like anime cat girls, ya know... I don't know exact name for those lol. I thought they are cute.
    Hmm, I guess I am one, but mild furry. =P
    Thanks everyone once again for helping me out. =)

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    I think they´re called "neko" (which is the japanese word for cat, duh :-D)

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