I'm Danny, usually I go by my childhood nickname "Diaper Dan." the funny thing is I didn't get that nickname because of my diaper wearing or bedwetting/soiling problem but because I was always small for my age.

Anyway, I grew up in the 60's, a time when bedwetting and soiling of ones pants was not considered a medicial issue but a behavioral one. I was frequently told that I was naughty or lazy. I was put back into diapers for bedwetting from around age 8 or so and sometimes during the day as a punishment for dirty undies. I hated it back then - love the idea now.

Anyway, I'm a musician (Trumpet). Love to go on long distance bike rides, golf when I get a chance and of course feed my fetish which is why I'm here.

Anyway, thats a little bit about me. I'll be checking in from time to time.