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    Smile Diaper choices

    i was just wondering what the best diaper to buy in stores that has good absorbency for the price in california

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    Absorbancy is not the word I would typically associate with the average store-bought diaper. I have found Tena Super and Molicare Supers retail but not in chain pharmacies. You'd need to go to places that specialize in incontinence needs. For the chain stores, Depends Fitted Maximum Protection are going to be one of the better bets of a bad breed. If you care about plastic outer shell, they're one of the few with that and they have tapes like a diaper should. It's a rough search in the land of retail. Good luck

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    To expand on the depends fitted maximum protection, they are one of the best of bad choices when it comes to buying diapers in retail stores. Your best bet would be to buy online, with some of the best diapers there are arenas and bambinos.

    Now if you must buy in stores, there are many reasons why you would be well served buying the depend fitted maximum protection. First off, I is actually a true diaper, with 3 tapes on each side. Also, the diaper is completely plastic backed. In addition, the diaper also provides adequate padding. I personally have completely unloaded my bladder into these and they normally didnt leak for me. However, after one wetting, you'll probably going to need to change the diaper. Also, about 20 or so diapers come in a pack for under $20. Overall, these are among the best store diapers you can find. I actually enjoy them.

    Hopefully this information will be of help to you.

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    I'm from cali not much choice retail wise other than the Max protect depends. I've found a Medical market with Molicare in nor cal and there are a few in So cal too. depends on where you are and your budget.

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    im in cen cal, and my budget is around the $20 dollar range

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    I'm sorry to say I don't know a whole lot about central Cali and as far as a $20 budget goes you might be able to pick up something like Attends which is an ok Diaper. Otherwise it's what the Wal marts/greens and CVS stuff.

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    I did with Depends Max Fitted Protection before at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen to look for a good low prices on sale! Even when I'm out of my Bambinos and gone financially then I go with Depends on sale for a while.

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