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Thread: Summer - Now What?

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    Default Summer - Now What?

    It is here ... now what?

    Any plans? Travels? Vacations? Summer School? Preparing for life changes?

    For each of us it is different.
    I am looking forward to a major change. I will officially be engaged in about a week. Made the plans to ask the big question after graduation. Getting ready for post-graduate research and starting my life this year.

    So what are your plans?

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    Good luck with the engagement.

    I'm graduating high school in about a week from now. After that, I'm mostly going to be hanging home and down the shore for the summer. Then, in late August, I'll be going to college. I'm going to a college in Boston, but I'm actually studying abroad in Ireland for my first semester. It's part of some program that I got accepted into at the college.

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    Enjoying what little time I have left until life really starts to kick my ass.

    The only big plans I have are physical training for my first line of work, and maybe getting my drivers license. Besides that, trying to cram as much good stuff as I can into these next couple months. Sleeping in, friends, games, stupid stuff we will probably regret but do anyways, all that jazz.

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    Ohh! *girly excitement* Good luck with the engagement!

    Ahhh summer... much late-night, mom-is-asleep-little-chance-she'll-walk-in regressing to be done... And of course, book club meetings to attend, video games to be played, sleeping in to be done, a very small amount of cleaning to be executed, etc. etc.

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    I'm spending my summer just living life with no regrets or a care in the world. I rollerblade a lot, I hang out with friends daily, I work, I save, I spend far too much money on booze and partying, and I dance like no ones watching.

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    Just enjoying the warm weather myself right now. That's all I'm doing. Plus going to doctors and what have you to try to take care of issues... sigh. that's life. But at least the damn snow is goine.


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    I'm riding my bike in the morning and working on my novel in the afternoon. I still have my other job which takes me out in the evenings. Oh well......

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    I got myself a full-time job, which means I won't have much time to do any fun stuff this summer. I might go camping during one of my long weekends. Camping has always been one of my favourite summer activities. I just love the peacefulness and quietness of it. Oh and the marshmallows too!

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    Just waiting for it to go away. This kit prefers fall/winter! *pout*

    ...well, all right...I guess I do love the way summer nights smell so nice.

    Mostly work, though. One small road trip.

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    I have 4 custom cars scheduled to come in for wiring this summer. I guess I'll be working on that and whatever other jobs come along. No real vacation plans or fun stuff at this point.

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