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    Post Snap Crotch T-Shirts

    Ok, so this topic has been touched on, but nothing recent.

    well, T-shirt onesies, I'm curious if they're a good idea? I figure I'm going to be wearing regularly for quite a while including during the day, and they would conceal the diaper perfectly (+I already usually wear undershirts... so inconspicuous)

    tell me about your experiences with them?

    good investment?


    Wear to buy?

    Thanks guys!

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    A good quality, tight-fitting onesie protects against revealing your nappy's waistband, supresses crinkle and supports the nappy when soaked. They're a very good idea if you're wearing all day. I personally use Abena body stockings, which are elasticated onesies designed to be worn under other clothes, and I find them very effective.
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    Excellent item to buy and use with diapers. It helps in keeping the diaper up and from sagging too severely. It also helps in concealing, particularly if doing a lot of bending and moving about and you are afraid of the diaper being revealed.

    Places to purchase:

    Adult Diapers & Incontinence Supplies - Incontinent Products

    The AdultClothDiaper.Com Home Page

    For Sale - Aidan & Emmy's Custom Clothing

    Cosy n Dry - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More | eBay

    BIG TOTS items - Get great deals on items on eBay Stores!

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    I think that also babykins has them too.

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    If you want one for everyday use ( not ab/dl clothing ) I know Abena makes some that are sleeveless that you could easily wear under a shirt, to help keep things snug.

    XP Medical - Incontinence Bodystockings, Fixing Pants and Swim Diapers

    EDIT: They may not be available till later in the summer, but you may be able to find them on another site....

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    Wear to work makes great professional wear onesies, polo style etc.
    not the best place to buy them but an example
    Adult Baby GOLF/POLO 43" Onesie INCONTINENCE, WORK W (05/06/2009)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarrenW View Post
    I think that also babykins has them too.
    Check it out, it the top of my list.

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    They're an excellent investment if you plan on wearing all day long.

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