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    So I was sleeping last night, and I dot know why, but I had a dream that a girl I dated a while ago for just a few days was in it.... I dump her by the way, and the last time I saw her was about 2 years ago.

    Well anyways, I dreamt that I wanted get back and she refused, and I woke up crying. I don't know why tho? Little help please.

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    The thing you have to understand about dreams is that they reveal images and emotions from the subconscious. I'm assuming when you dumped her, you didn't really feel any closure after the break-up and for some odd reason, those feelings were repressed until this night. Are you becoming romantically close to someone else at the moment? Dreams are usually symbolic rather than analogic and therefore it could very well be that you feel inferior to this person and fear rejection from them. The reason you dreamt about your previous loved one could be your subconscious showing you that you care about/love this person so much that you replace their image with one of your previous romantic interests. If you assosciate a certain type of relationship with that person (whether it's bad, good, long, passionate, etc.) then when you find that same kind of relationship with someone else, you will sometimes, inadvertantly, relate the two love interests.

    It's good that you did cry it out though. It's not good to keep emotions bottled up and perhaps this crying will help you out in the long run by simply coping with this repressed emotion. I hope this will be the end of it though, and even if it's not *HUGS!* =)

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    I don't like it when that happens, although I can never seem to remember the dream to decipher what it was that made me cry in the first place :/

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