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    So i got a case of BambinoDiapers about a week ago and they came in a secure x plus box. The box had clearly marked secure x plus medium on all four corners of the box. I live with my girlfriend who knows i wear Diapers so it wasn't a big deal but i was wondering if this has happened to anyone else before and how did it turn out?

    I also want to add that i contact BambinoDiapers and they were quick to offer me 10% off my next order so that was nice, but had the experiance gone bad i don't know what a few buck off would really do for me.

    Anyway thanks BambinoDiapers.

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    Glad to hear that it ended well, as bad as it potentially could have gone. (yet more proof that bambino is a subdivision secure)

    Anyways, there is this handy edit button that should appear on the bottom right corner of every one of your posts. Many will advise that you use that instead of double posting next time.

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    As discretion really isn't something I worry about, I never check what a company's policy is on packaging. The last order I made was from a website I'd never used before and it was for a case of 80 lille supreme fit maxis. A few days later a courier knocked on the door, I answered, he asked me to sign his little PDA and he handed me the box... Sure enough there in big letters on the label was "Lille supreme fit maxi". Even someone who knows very little about these sorts of things will recognise the words "fit" and "maxi" and I doubt they would need a calculator to add 2 and 2 together. Thankfully I'm really not bothered what the currier thinks about it as I'll never see him again, so I didn't get embarrassed or anything... I just signed and received like I do for everything else. Besides, he most likely forgot my face as soon as I shut the door anyway.

    I did think though, that if someone else in a more delicate situation from me had ordered from the site I used without checking, it could potentially be embarrassing for them, if not very problematic!

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    Yeah, it's happened to us a few times, although not with Bambino/Secure. Since Mr. X and I both wear (he's a 24/7 DL), it's not a big deal to us.

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    My very first order from ABU was packed with the invoice laid on top. When I picked it up at the PO, enough was sticking out to where you could read ABU and a few other things, but nothing explicitly saying "THERE ARE FORBIDDEN TREASURES WITHIN!" I've ordered with them since and it hasn't happened again. I guess I got over the whole embarrassment issue a while back. But if it bugs you, by all means take your business elsewhere. Send a message!

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    Yeah With discrete they still do have to declare with in the box but and Onecho has said Abu is very good with this they just have a plain box with a very discrete shipping notice from it i have ordered from them several times and unless someone actually fully reads the shipping documents there's no way you can find out what's in them and I don't think the delivery man would care anyway :P

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    I never had any obvious signs on the box.. But there's alot of elderly people around where I live, so when my postman has to deliver yet another one of those 'discrete boxes' that's pretty big, but seems rather light and has something soft bouncing around when he shakes it... I think eventually he's gonna put two and two together. Thank god he's a nice guy... but I do get "that look" I don't entirely trust.

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