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Thread: ARG! right in the middle!

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    Question ARG! right in the middle!

    Ok, I really need replies guys!

    PROBLEM: Waist size = 32!
    All medium diapers fit 32+
    I Don't know what diaper I should buy!

    I JUST got my licence, And I'm taking my freshly earned 45$ into town this weekend to get myself diapers, but I'm scared I'm going to blow it and by the wrong ones!

    Anyone out there who can help me with choosing the correct nappy?

    Additional information: I'd like to be able to wet at night. but mostly just like wearing during the day *shhhh!*, and prefer a snug fit.

    Please help me out here adisc!

    Brands? Small Medium sizes?
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    Well...I'm the same waist size and I honestly prefer the medium diaper as opposed to the larges.

    It's partially because I like the fit better, but another more important reason for someone as broke as I am: The medium pack of diapers usually have one or two more in them compared to the larger sizes. This usually only amounts to one or two diaper per pack, but like I said I like to get more bang for my buck since it's already so difficult for me to get my hands on diapers in the first place.

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    I would say to buy the smallest pack of mediums you can, if they are too big, then you have only spent a little money on a few diapers and its not that big of a loss, plus you can always tape them tight to get a better fit. However if you just bought smalls, and they were to little, then there is nothing you could do to try to make them fit. Good luck!

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    i am also 32 or 31 depending on what i eat. I usually got for Tena youth pull-ups or any small diaper.

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    Well, it all depends on what kind of diapers interest you. If I were you, I would consider goodnites. At a 32, goodnites would probably fit.

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    There's a pretty large size difference between small and medium diapers. Go for the medium.

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    I'd say go with medium as well. It's better to have them be a little too big and have to tighten them down, as opposed to having them too small so you can't even get them on.

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    I'm a 32 and I generally go for mediums. Yeah, smalls *can* fit (depending on the brand), but the mediums tend to have more padding.

    As for specific brands of store-bought diapers, I recommend either L/XL Goodnites (but even at 32, the fit won't be quite as intended and they are quite trim--think less nighttime diaper and more daytime pullup) or S/M Depends Max Protection. For the Depends, the Max Protection are the plastic-backed kind with tapes--NOT the cloth-backed pullups, which really do suck. The Max Protection diaper is actually halfway decent, and it is actually pretty good if you stuff it with a baby diaper (or even a Goodnite with the sides ripped off and holes poked in the plastic).

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    too large is better than too small. it's easier to get too large to fit comfortably than too small. Too small is hard to get good protection from. Too large can protect well, but requires different fitting.

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    Medium depends fitted (labeled Small/Medium) will fit you just fine. If you want something you can let go and wet in that's diaperish, that's the best you can do for shopping at a standard retail store.

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