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Thread: Wearing underwear under a diaper?

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    Default Wearing underwear under a diaper?

    I was wondering if more people on our forum have tried this:

    When I wear a diaper it is mostly at night. What I often do is wear underwear or a sport short under my diaper. Of course I ensure that the plastic of the diaper covers the underwear. Also, I use a white boxer short over my diaper to keep it in place and finally plastic pants to catch leakage.

    I found out that lying on my side is less critical this way. The cotton of the underwear will absorb at my side, because diapers have absolutely no absorbant at the sides.

    Did anyone try this too? or do you have other good tips?

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    So you're wearing underwear, with a diaper on top, and then more underwear over that? I'm confused as to this whole situation...

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    I have been known to have a solid-body brief over top to shape the diaper, and give it hold - kind of like hairspray. Also to keep a saggy crotch up: it's supposed to be tight and close fitting: a saggy crotch makes for leaks and stresses the tapes. And the over-the-top (*giggle*) approach kills the noise. That reason and keeping things close to the skin makes the bulge less visible and is all in the name of non-disclosure (yet moar giggles), non-discovery..

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    I have tried white briefs under a diaper and wet it for fun just to get the wet pants feeling without the wet pants. But that's as close as I've come to this.

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    I have worn underoos under my diapers but just for fun (and curiosity) but have never wet them that way.

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    If you're going to deal with cleaning wet undies wouldn't you be better off just trying out cloth?

    I admit I have never worn cloth but if you're going to have a wet cloth feeling on your skin anyways I don't see any advantages disposables really have over them.

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