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Thread: hello from a dl/ab from toronto canada

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    Default hello from a dl/ab from toronto canada

    Hello from a dl/ab fellow from toronto canada

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    Not sure what this thread is about?

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    That's not too far away... but it smells. Not really much to say about it.

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    Hi there following Canadian. =) Welcome to ADISC!

    Maybe it would be good if you could tell us a bit more about yourself. What kind of things you like to do during your spare time?

    Hope you enjoy your time on here.

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    Hi there; the big T.O. you say. I am an Albertan raccoon, also dl. I am a little bit deaf so you'll have to speak up there.

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    Um, hello. Welcome. I've met a lot of cool ABDLs up in TO, and it's a neat town. So what sorts of non-diapered fun do you get into then?

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    And welcome to ADISC. Tell us about your self (non-diaper interests, etc.). Have fun; I hope to see you around!

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