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Thread: Cloth and Disposable....UNITE!!!!

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    Default Cloth and Disposable....UNITE!!!!

    Ok, I think I had a pretty good Idea yesturday...check it.

    You know those big, long socks that you would only wear on the coldest possible day of the Winter Season?

    WHAT IF we dug up those socks up out of our dressers, and used them as Stuffers inside our disposables?

    Wouldn't this make a great stuffer?...And then when you change, just throw the soaked sox in a hamper or straight into the washing machine (however the cloth guys do it).

    What do you think?

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    Try microfiber hand towels, I don't put them in the wash, but I wash them in the bathroom sink, and wash them out and hang to dry, and in an hour or so there dry.

    I have been useing 1 or 2 of them in my wally world diapers and they work good, they help the wetness spread to the whole diaper and not just the center, after I wet the hell out of them I wash them out..

    Most socks are made from a nylon like material and won't hold too much liquid.

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    i think i'll avoid peeing on my socks if it's all the same to you.... XD

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    Hehe yeah, you're better off getting real cloth inserts. And I'll tell you now, microfibre inserts are a lot softer than socks.

    In all seriousness though, I've tried different kinds of cloth stuffers, and they are the softest I've found. They wick moisture away faster, but they don't hold a lot like other kinds, so I usually pair them up with other stuff anyway. I actually would suggest anyone who wears depend overnights to add a cloth insert just because it would cure that "feel constantly wet" feeling that you get, even from the smallest wetting that doesn't even use up the depends' absorbancy.

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    What if I run of socks?
    I don't want to go though the hamper and find out that I have wear socks soaked in piss now, do I?

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    Socks....haha...very amusing! For years I used real Gerber baby diapers and pre-fold diapers and would put them in an old pair of underwear. I don't know if you can buy them in stores anymore, however. As for putting pee soaked anything into a hamper....are you kidding? Wear whatever into the shower and let all that falling water do its work. Then hang up to dry somewhere. Later, slip said makeshift cloth diaper into the laundry and dry.

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    sounds good to me. just maby not socks tho. maby something else but ill think about it.

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    Umm... socks... no. Perhaps a rolled up washcloth or folded hand towel... maybe.

    I thought the point of disposables was to just be able to throw it away after you were done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I thought the point of disposables was to just be able to throw it away after you were done?
    I know, but it seems there's all these wars between cloth and disposables...I thought that this would be the way that everyone could get along.

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