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Thread: Why are you a conservative or liberal or etc.

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    Default Why are you a conservative or liberal or etc.

    I want to listen to your personal story on why your right or left or in between and your opinions on issues. Aslo dont hate on other comments, doenst make you look good.

    (and since so many nice people talk about this post ill make it much shorter)

    I don't particually care about right or left nonsense. I know both can be bias, lying, big fucking assholes. So doesnt matter to me. Left or right. Be asshole youll be going to hell.

    I have autism so bear with me why i dispise the stupid fucking goverment. which conseravites want less. My parents are taxed through the fucking roof because of raised taxes and they work4 jobs together. So were the high 2 percent. We arent fucking rich we barely get by. And my parent worked their fucking asses off to help with my autism applying for help over 20 times. I'm only barely getting any help bing ignored and refused in the stupidest fucking ways. Goverment is about what most assholes think about christianity. IT FUCKING SUCKS. No goverment, the better this fucking world would be.

    Aslo look at some of these videos to prove my point on a few things:

    YouTube - ‪ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!‬‏ (Universal healthcare)

    YouTube - ‪PJTV: #1 Public University Producing Idiots‬‏ (liberal colleges)


    YouTube - ‪EVIL RICH PEOPLE! (Election Shenanigans)‬‏ (quote on quote rich people evil)

    YouTube - &#x202a;Who Is JOE BIDEN?! (Featuring BigBear)&#x202c;&rlm; <misinformed voters.>
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    I'm a liberal, though I tend to be more center-left if anything.

    One of the main reasons I'm a liberal is that the left seems full of less hypocrisy than the right IMHO.You look at all the recent sex scandals, and most of those who got busted were/are Republicans, which is interesting since those who got busted claimed to be champions of traditional marriage, while banging a secretary or sending explicit images to their lover. There are also claims about being for the average working man, while giving massive tax breaks to large corporations and the stupid rich, and at the same time, gutting programs that the less fortunate rely on.

    The second reason I'm a liberal is that the left is more in line with my religious views than the right. I'm a Christian, and as a Christian, I believe that we are called to follow Jesus' example and help the poor, the homeless, the disabled, etc. If you look at many of the biggest laws that have been passed in the last century (Civil Rights Act - 1964, Repeal of DADT - 2010, Medicare - 1965, Social Security - 1935), they were passed by Democratic presidents.

    I know that both parties are in bed with those who have the money, but from my view, the left generally seems to remember who put them in charge (the voters).

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    Quote Originally Posted by PampersHusky View Post
    But honestly i consider myself smart. lol.
    Might want to capital your I's when you say "i" as in refering to yourself. Also you might not want to make walls of text. Other then that your correct on the lol part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PampersHusky View Post
    Aslo dont hate on other comments, doenst make you look good.
    I don't understand why people think they can say this and that then gives them license to make say whatever trash talk they want about the other side. No, you are not the bigger man if you say a bunch of questionable things and then I question you on it even though you said it "doenst make [me] look good". If your statements are valid, then you shouldn't feel a need to state that they're above reproach - doing so just implies that you fear how inept your claims will stand against a serious rebuttal.

    I considered spending the time to go line-by-line to counter everything in your wall-o-text, since you've managed to:

    (a) offend my sensibilities with respect to the integrity of making an argument
    (b) insult the intelligence and patriotism of liberals, with whom I identify, multiple times
    (c) make a bunch of completely clueless and easy to counter claims on issues about which I care.

    However, I realized quickly that the best argument against your claims is how terribly you present your own case, which is to say that your case is so clearly invalid that nobody would actually be convinced by it. Should you bother to actually lay out your claims in a coherent way as opposed to a wall-o-text which is debatably even written in English, I might then consider granting you the honor of actually engaging you in argumentative battle. Since you state "...honestly i consider myself smart. lol....", this would presumably be well within your abilities, and it's a shame that you didn't put such abilities on full display in your initial attempt.

    Until this point, I shall ignore your claims, as the greatest insult to an enemy (or in this case, a debater making an opposing claim) is to be ignored.
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    I consider myself fiscally conservative because I feel that my wife and I have worked very hard for what we have. We both finished our degrees (her with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, me a Master of Science in Nursing) with little to no debt (she payed off her loan in six months), we don't have any debt other than our house, and we pay our taxes and other obligations. We both work full time.

    We pay for insurance through work, and pay our deductibles when we go to the doctor.

    I really dislike seeing people that don't work, expect to be given food, a place to live, health care, etc., because they are "entitled" to it. People seem to think because it comes in the form of a government handout, it is free. Who do they think pays the government? Our tax bill last year was over $35,000. We are not the "rich" that everyone claims can afford to pay more. We have managed our money and pay our bills. And $35,000 is a LOT of money to us.

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    I used to be a hardcore conservative. Socially and economically.

    Then I got older, wiser, figured out that the conservative social policy was a draconian nightmare to just ban anything you don't like. Don't like gays, sex, gambling, drinking, smoking, porn, anything against supposed traditional judeo-christian values? Ban it. I don't care how much I dislike something - I don't have a right to enforce any personal moral code on people until their actions start affecting me.

    My right to throw a punch ends where your nose begins, in other words.

    It helped to quit listening to commentary and listen to what the ACTUAL elected officials were doing and saying, too. And I found out that more often than not it was the Republicans seeking to extend government control over the public, not Democrats. And when Democrats were, it was usually Republicans right on board with them for a bipartisan bill.

    I stayed on board with Republican economic policy until recently. I don't feel that Democratic economic policy is healthy either but - in a VERY general sense - it's marginally closer to ideal than what the Republicans have to offer. I'm kind of with Ranger on this one - both parties are horribly in bed with special interests but I think Democrats will do less damage (barring the current Idiot-In-Chief). I don't think Bush even managed to screw up economic policy as bad as this guy has.

    I suppose now I'm center-leaning-left. Libertarian socially, but I'm getting a bit more on board with Democrats concerning economic policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PampersHusky View Post
    i know canada healthcare system sucks.
    I almost never really heard this sentence. I feel fortunate to have wonderful health system we have here in Canada. Care to explain why Canadian health system sucks? =S I had my gallbladder removal surgery over a year ago. Then I got serious complications and ended up stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks. All of that 2 weeks of caring, surgery, a ride in ambulance... all of them are free. I don't have to pay a cent for it. I am sure I will be stuck with HUGE bill if this happened to me in America.

    Anyway, your views on gay rights to marry are great though. I really hope America can be granted with that rights and be on par with Canadian freedom for LGBT citizens and treat them like equal.

    Here in Canada, I support NDP (New Democrats Party). We just recently had an election last month, and Conservatives won. At least, NDP are right behind instead of usual Liberals so I am happy with that though. I like NDP because they want to improve further on safety for LGBT citizens and keep all current gay rights we have right now.

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    I'm a European, so I'm well to the left of anything that Americans would understand...

    I'm a social democrat.
    I suppose like most people, my opinions are mostly shaped by my parents, although they are both pretty apolitical - my father subscribes to The Economist and is pretty much an economic and social liberal similar to them, although since he's a professor at a public university medical school (almost all universities in the UK are public) he's a bit more statist about healthcare and education. My mother is a rather woolly and disappointed Liberal Democrat voter.

    My political views are pretty much what you get when you take politics seriously and try to apply the values they taught me...
    I'm not an anti-capitalist, but I also don't have any illusions about the inevitable negative effects of a free-market that come with the positives, so I believe that we need government to regulate and force business to do things that aren't in the interest of profit making - ensuring fair competition, consumer safety, preventing environmental damage ect.
    I wasn't against the bank bail-outs - I didn't like them, but I recognise that short of abolishing the banking system completely and starting again, they were the least worst solution to the mess that the finance industry had lead us all into.
    I support the National Health Service out of humanitarian principles, but also because it is better for the economy. The NHS is more cost-efficient because it spreads healthcare costs across the entire population and stops people with minor health problems from consuming more healthcare resources than they need. It is good for business because every firm has to bear similar health costs (so it can't be used as unfair competition between them) and it encourages a flexible labour market because employees don't have to worry about health insurance changing when they change jobs (it also makes conditions better in low wage jobs, so people are more willing to take them.)
    I'm socially liberal, and I guess that's because my parent's didn't teach me to be hostile to people that are different - different ethnic groups, religions, gay, trans - whatever.

    Are you old enough to vote yet PampersHusky?

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    At topic starter: you are not conservative but a reactionary.

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    Okay. I was tired when i made this. And i have autism so my grammer isnt 100 perfect. thanks for point it out though maybe one day you can post why to liberal or conservative.

    ---------- Post added at 19:03 ---------- Previous post was at 19:02 ----------

    Okay. thanks for info. ;P

    ---------- Post added at 19:04 ---------- Previous post was at 19:03 ----------

    Yes im 18. But austic and i hate all politicans. cuz all are biased and money based. so i probably will not vote.

    ---------- Post added at 19:06 ---------- Previous post was at 19:04 ---------- not great at explaining junk due to autism lol. but watch the youtube video explaining why its kinda below par.

    ---------- Post added at 19:13 ---------- Previous post was at 19:06 ----------

    Im glad you completely didnt listen to my dont comment on others post.

    And this isnt a debate dude. ITS YOUR OWN DAMN OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soo wee im ignored. im very autistic so dont worry i get that alot. Sorry to offend your intellgence. Somehow even though i never put all liberal or all replubcians are stupid. And if you going to ignore me and think my case is nonsense. HOW CAN YOU BE OFFENDED. NONSENSE = ITS SO STUPID YOU CANT BE OFFENDED. ''HAH I PROVED YOUR CLAIMS WRONG. SO SUCK ON IT.'' Well fantastic. MAYBE YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU ARE INSTEAD OF BEING AN ASS. TO WHAT OTHER PEOPLE BELIEVE. Sorry for caps. i know they make you look unintellgent. but you did manage to annoy me slighty.

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