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Thread: hey there. im back and starting over.

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    Default hey there. im back and starting over.

    Hello there. I'm back after alot of stress. Its been about 1 year or more. So i thought i would post here again. To say im back. I left mainly because of stress. and one or two bad apples on here kind of ruined it for me. But im back and hopefully ill meet more good ones.

    Im into metal, play soccer. Write science fiction stories and some digimon stories. I love digimon. I'm christian, conservate and irish so beware. lol. Nah im friendly and i enjoy friendly people and funny stuff as my sense of humor is dark. Well there you go. Nice to meet all. And a blessed day.

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    Nice to meet you. I was not here a year ago, so this is the first time I have met you!
    I am also a christian and like soccer, but I just play for fun.

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    Welcome back. May I ask what type of metal you listening to?

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    Welcome Aboard again! :-D

    I'm also Christian. I'm part English, Scottish, Irish and German. ;-) Good luck to write the Sci-Fi Stories.

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