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Thread: new baby from Cali

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    Smile new baby from Cali

    hey world, I'm David. i love making new friends, and i am always open to new ideas. I'm kinda shy about being an ab/dl, and it would be awesome to have someone to talk to. let me now if you wanna, k?

    toodlez XD

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    Hello there fellow Cali person :p
    Welcome to ADISC. I hope you have a great time here and in the IRC if you enter there.
    Maybe you could tell us a little about yourself like hobbies and stuff

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    Hey There Fellow Cali Resident! I'd be more than happy to talk to you, i'm just now accepting that fact that i'm a bit more of a TB then i'd like to admit! So, you knowww, maybe i can relate to you and what not haha!

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    Shyness is common around here, as is being at a loss for words in the greetings department. But your profile says you have all sorts of cool interests; you can base a short article about yourself here on what you said there! As to talking, why not keep an eye out for who you would like to talk to, wait until you are past newbie status, and pm whomever you choose; then at some point you can exchange skype names; I use one skype name just for this site.

    Tell us what you like to talk about and you will get people responding. From the range of your interests I would expect them to flock in droves. (PS I like Top Gear too, but prefer the British one to the US one.)

    To use the pm (private messaging) feature you need to reach EC ((Established contributor) status; you do so by having

    1. 20 posts
    2. 0 or higher reputation
    3. 7 days of membership

    This sort of useful info is in - all kinds of valuable info is in the articles, which you can access via the articles button in the header at top left.
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