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Thread: Disposable liners for cloth? (UK)

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    Default Disposable liners for cloth? (UK)

    I'm still thinking out my cloth nappy project as mentioned in another thread - the main problem I can see is that it would be a bit grim to go washing poop off nappies in the machine I share with my flatmate, who doesn't know I'm AB!

    So, does anyone know of an adult-sized disposable liner that could be used with cloth nappies to keep the worst of the mess off? I live in the UK so it would have to be available here, or cheap to ship here. Google shows me lots of baby ones but nothing for adults... there must be some folks out there who wear 24/7 and use cloth!

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    Lots of the mail order compnies sell these - but some are not much larger than some of the ones more easily availale for chhildren. Why not try some of the kids ones - properly positioned that can work well and they can be ovelapped to give a bigger effective area - you just have to be a bit careful when disposing of the liner and contents.

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    I'm pretty sure that flushable liners (on a roll) are available from big supermarkets like Sainsburys, or from Boots or Mothercare.

    Second tip: go and buy a pack of muslin nursery squares from Boots. A single layer of this inside your nappy (I'm presuming you are looking at terry squares) will not keep all the poo off it, but it will mean you don't need to scrub it clean or soak it in Nappisan. Two muslins (one single layer for width of cover, one folded to cover the centre strip would be even better.



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