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Thread: The end for me.

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    Default The end for me.

    I am deciding to Kill my tb/dl side. Vi will be back to finish my story at end of month. If I can find inspiration. But I lost total intrest in diapers and baby things. Goodbye all.

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    I lost someone close and since then nothing pleases me. I might be back I might not.

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    Well i wish the best of luck to you in your future. I am sorry for your situation.

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    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose - just do whatever will make you happy deep down! *hugs*

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    Sorry to hear that, mate. I hope you find some relief soon.

    It's a real shame that your TBness can't help you through this - I know many of us here indulge as a form of comfort, stress-relief or escapism sometimes. I guess it's just a personal thing; if you work differently and get no enjoyment from it then perhaps you're right to give it up for now.

    I do, however, predict it will come back - whether it brings you back here or not - because if it's in you, it's in you :-)

    Good luck!

    Dan x

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    I sincerely hope it's just your tb/dl side your killing and not something worse. We've all been down and depressed before, so please don't be afraid to talk to someone about it if you need too. Losing someone close is really tough but letting it take your hope and happiness is worse. We're here for ya buddy, and God bless you in whatever you decide to do.

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    Sorry for your loss. Remember we're all here to support you the best we can if you need some help, some advice, or just a hug.

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    Thanks guys. Goodbye for now.

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    Loss of interest in things is really common as a depressive symptom; as common as unhappiness.

    I wouldn't think in terms of killing anything off; simply turn your attention to other things; if diapers were a turn on then make new fantasies. Please don't throw out your supplies; if you must be rid of them as a symbolic gesture please find a good home for them. Daily Diapers has a subforum for this sort of exchange; if you don't need your diapers please allow them to bring happiness to someone else.

    Go now and grieve. And good luck to you.

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