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Thread: As ironic as it is... I am scared to go on vacation.. :P

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    Default As ironic as it is... I am scared to go on vacation.. :P

    So on Wednesday I am going on vacation. And I am kind of scared to do so.

    I have a 3 issues with this upcoming vacation.

    My first issue is the fact that my dad will be in a wheelchair for most of the time. He has M.S. and his disease isn't at a point that he needs to be in a wheelchair. So I am not used to seeing him in such a state. I am somewhat bothered by this fact.

    My second issue is that last year I went on vacation, my grandmother had passed away. Now my grandmother and I had never been close but I wish I got more time to meet her. I am afraid if I go on vacation I might lose someone else close to me.

    My third and final issue is my attempt to lose weight. I currently weigh about 189 pounds and I am 5'11. And lately I have been working out about 2 hours a day and I have been eating semi-healthily. I've been doing that for a week but no pounds have come off yet. But I know patience is a key in losing weight. But I don't think I can control myself while on vacation. I am afraid it might affect my weight.

    Now the reason I wrote this thing is because I don't know what to do...
    Is what I am feeling normal? Probably not. :P

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    I'm with you buddy. My wife has been in a wheel chair for 6 years. She's diabetic and has Charcot Foot, a condition where the bones in the feet all collapse and break. I think both she and I feel odd when we go out into public, either me pushing her in the wheel chair, or she in her electric cart. You know people are looking at you and they are glad they can walk. It's only human. Still, it's better to get out, if only on wheels, than to stay home and feel really miserable. I even take my wife out to the bike path where she rides her cart and I walk along side. It takes a certain amount of bravery, so consider yourself one of the brave ones, along with your dad and the rest of your family.

    Don't feel that something else bad will happen because your grandmother died last year. Bad things happen, but they don't have to happen again and again. Every day is a new day, and be grateful for the ones which are good days. That's how my wife and I get through each day, each week, month and year. She also is on a dialysis machine, which we do each night from our bedroom. Life will always presents its challenges, and we must find ways to overcome them, or we make our lives even more miserable.

    And that brings me to your last challenge. You're right, it will be tough to lose weight. Be careful when you are at the fast food restaurants. Even the salads can contain a lot of calories. Try to eat chicken or fish that is not fried and breaded. Salads without salad dressing would have far fewer calories. Perhaps you could bring your own low calorie dressing. Pack other low calorie food. When you're out sight seeing, do some jogging. It's all you can do. When you get home, get real serious with the exercise and dieting. You can do this. Best of luck to you.

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