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Thread: Living on the edge with diapers!

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    Default Living on the edge with diapers!

    So, normally I am not afraid to wear diapers around home and out in town. But lately my job has found me in a dorm-type setting with about 40 other young dudes with whom I work, and I was very reluctant to bring diapers at all. They are a tough crowd and I'm sure that a revelation that I wear diapers would lead to incessant razzing for the rest of my time with them. I had originally thought that I would just go without for a couple weeks, but last minute I packed up several diapers in my luggage, thinking if I get a chance to wear then great, but if not, I will just not wear them.

    It has been a challenge! I am in a tiny 2-man room with a roommate. We have hardly any privacy, the restrooms are shared with the entire floor. The first night I didn't wear at all. Then the second night I snuck a diaper into a plastic bag and carried it into a bathroom stall and put it on. I chickened out though and only wore a Depends Maximum. I put underwear over it to attempt to muffle the sound. I wore PJ's and a t-shirt over that. I actually peed in it while in bed! It was kind of exciting.

    The next morning I snuck down to one of the first-floor bathrooms, fortunately no one was in there so I went into one of the stalls & de-diapered and went to throw the diaper in the trash, although since I didnt want it visible right there on top, I wrapped it up in a pillowcase that was lying there on top in the trash can. Then I went to get some lunch and when I returned, I went into the same restroom and happened to glance into the same trash can. The pillowcase was gone and there was my wet diaper, lying right there on top! I was like WTF??!! I told you, no privacy. And what kind of nasty person would pull the pillowcase out of the trash, realize there was a dirty diaper in there, dump it out and still take the pillowcase? Weird. Anyway I was mostly worried that it was likely one of our guys and that he may tell the story of the diaper in the trash can, and speculation may begin about who wears diapers in this group. (We are not the type of people you would expect to wear diapers, in fact I'm pretty sure I am the only one wearing in this building right now.) I even considered tossing my whole stash just in case anyone started getting nosy. Anyway, I kept my ears open the whole day, but heard no mention of it.

    Emboldened by my uneventful wearing the night before, the next night I went for broke and taped on a Dry 24/7. Again with my PJ bottoms over the top. Had to make sure my tshirt stayed pulled down though because those things make my butt look rediculous! Again, no indication that anyone had a clue. I purposely wet in them in bed that night, then in the morning before I got up, it was heavenly! And felt naughty.

    I have been getting smarter about disposal too, now I put the used diaper in 2 plastic shopping bags (so no one can see through it) and nonchalantly carry it down the hallway, down the stairs and straight to the dumpster!

    Last night I wore a Molicare Super Plus and PJ's. This morning was the hairiest moment when I had to be somewhere and my roommate wouldn't leave, I actually changed from PJ's into jeans with my diaper on, right there in front of him! I had to use a combination of ninja skills and Jedi mind tricks so he wouldn't notice...(waving hand slowly) "You do not notice a diaper..." He didn't notice, but it probably helped that I was wearing colored briefs over them. Still, we all know how thick the Molicares are and they do crinkle a bit. So, I wouldn't recommend this stunt unless you are a very experienced diaper connesieur (sp?) like myself.

    I wore the Molicare out to a restaurant with a few buddies, then when I returned I was happy to see that I had a respite from my ever-present roommate, who was not there. So I took the opportunity to change into another Dry 24/7, which I am wearing as I type this! (Yes, I wet it once already) With jeans over the top. I will probably go outside to make a phone call soon, then come back in and sneak on my PJs and go to bed.

    So the saga continues, I guess my thread will probably end up getting moved because it has turned out more like a rambling story than anything. The point is I am not sure how I feel about wearing in such a risky setting, but I guess I was getting too comfortable wearing around home in safety, and I admit that the prospect of possibly getting caught is pretty exciting. Wish me luck friends, because I really DON'T want to get caught. I'm really not sure how that would pan out, but I'm not sure I wanna know. I'll let you know if I do though. Peace!

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    Congrats! Good luck keeping it hidden, hopefully you won't get caught! Just don't get complacent now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    Congrats! Good luck keeping it hidden, hopefully you won't get caught! Just don't get complacent now...
    Thanks for the reminder is timely too because I was just thinking the same thing today! Complacency kills. I mean, at first I was terrified to wear in such close quarters amongst people who are very familiar with my body type. Also, they are not averse to touching, wrestling around, or a random smack on the ass at an unexpected moment. (Gay friends, don't get too excited, none of them are gay that I know of, we just have a close, playful brother-like environment. I am not gay either, last time I checked. Female parts look a lot more attractive to me than all of the hairy man-appendages I encounter during the performance of my daily routine while we are on these outings. It's a bonafide sausage-fest up in here.) Anyway....what was I talking about? Oh yeah.

    So yes, my first couple of careful wearings were pleasantly uneventful, even clad in the thickest of my diapers, the Dry 24/7, and each time I was able to use my diapers to capacity before changing (only #1 of course), all with no drama. Then today I realized my comfort level was already near approaching that which it is when I am in the safety of my home. That is, I forget I'm even wearing. I need to remind myself that I AM wearing, and to be careful to keep my shirt pulled down, waistband up, not let people touch my ass, etc.

    Last night I slept like a baby in another Dry 24/7, it was maaavelous. I love how well those things do for wetting while lying in bed. I can completely empty my bladder into one while in bed, with no leaks, which I do whilst on my stomach. I just lift my hips up a little to give the diaper some "room," enjoy the warm feeling & release, then relax and go back to sleep. In the morning I wake up to the sound of doors slamming as the early birds get up, and I usually have to pee, so I repeat the process and go right back to sleep for as long as I can. It's so nice to not have to get up and put shoes on, and walk all the way down a long hallway to the restroom, just to pee. I have a luxury others don't, a bathroom in bed, so to speak.

    Sofar I have gotten over my fear of wearing in such tight quarters, and it goes to show that yes, you can wear even the thickest disposables in almost any situation completely undetected, even amidst people who know you well, IF you're careful. Even so, I already have an excuse ready if anyone should happen to notice. Prepared excuse follows:

    "I wear them because I like to stay very hydrated, and I would normally have to get up 2-3 times a night to make that long trek down to the restroom. By the time I get back all that moving around and the light in my face has woken me up to the point that it takes me 30 mins. to get back to sleep. Sooo, I wear them in case I need them just so I can get a good night's sleep and be rejuvenated for the strenuous activities of the next day. I wear for practical reasons, fk lots of people do, including astronauts and deep-sea divers." *Shrug*

    I think the key to pulling off this thin excuse is to make body language and my tone etc. convince inquiring minds that it is no big deal. That said, I am popular, respected and well-liked in my group, but they do already see me as a bit different and quirky. So just maybe, I could totally pull it off. I think the average response would be a look of disbelief and then the discoverer would walk away shaking his head, maybe saying something like "dude, you're a freak" which they say all the time anyway. Im not sure though, it depends on who sees my depends. I almost want to try it out. But I won't. Not on purpose. If you guys can think of a better reason, then I'm all ears. The medical need angle won't work, I'm an athlete and our medical people would have a bunch more questions if they caught wind of that lie, thereby drawing much more attention to me, so nope. Also, no way in hell am I gonna admit any comfort/sexual reasons lest I really be laughed to scorn & branded forever as a p*ssy.

    P.S. My roommate grinds his teeth in his sleep, which is really freaking weird-sounding.

    P.P.S. I know I have stated that diaper noise is not an issue, and that is a general truism by which I still stand, but there are caveats: i.e., yes, the sound of a diasposable under soft pajama bottoms is VERY crinkly and noticeable in a quiet dorm room at night until you get under the covers. So always keep random plastic bags handy to move around as a cover sound, or stuff one in your pocket and pull it out right before you go to bed. Works for me sofar. Cheers

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    I'm really glad you've managed to get your routine sorted - very well prepared of you! I love how much wearing to bed really does make you sleep better!

    As for your excuse, as long as they are medical looking (i.e no Bambinos etc) - that should work fine; granted, people may find it weird, but it's better than the AB excuse! Just make sure you can explain being caught in the day now...

    Grinding teeth is horrible, my housemate does and it freaks me out! Oh and plastic bag trick is the best one really, as you've found out, the noise can be a little suspicious in a quiet room!


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    I taped on a Dry 24/7 after my shower tonight, and walked around inside and outside the building for awhile wearing them under my pajama bottoms...and even though I think these things make my butt look HUGE and make me feel totally self-conscious, I again faced my fears and just did it, with no indication that anyone noticed. I'm still wearing it, in bed now enjoying it. I already wet it twice...once while sitting on the steps outside and once while unlocking the door to my room... ahhhh sooo nice. They are so thick and absorbent that I don't feel wet at all. I love the feel of these diapers! One of my favorite aspects of these diapers is that I can tape them on very tight around the leg gathers to help fit snug and avoid leaks, and they fit so well (at least with my body type) that I hardly feel the leg cuffs at all. Mostly I just feel the thick padding between my legs. And there is definitely no need to get up in the middle of the night or in the morning to go pee...that's what my diaper is there for.

    No one should be afraid to wear a premium diaper whenever they want to, too often I read on this site people saying "I would never wear those in public..." take it from me, it is totally doable as long as you're not an idiot and advertise it somehow. So get that butt padded and stop missing out!

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