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    I would like to order Attends samples but when I go to: AttendsŪ Healthcare Products: The Smart Choice in Incontinence Care It goes back to the home page.

    The FAQs say ...or request a free sample. and that is the link they give^

    Any Ideas, I am waiting to hear back from the company. Do you know any other brands that ship free samples to Australia besides Tena, Depends and Molicare?
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    Looks like the link is broken - best to email them if you haven't already...

    As for other samples, I'm not personally aware of any multinational brands that will ship for free. You could try emailing Lille and see if they will.

    Other than that, I think you've come to the end of the list of big companies sorry!

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    In which case, patience is key here. You could try searching for chinese/japanese diaper companies - quite likely to ship down to Oz.

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    Lil supreme has gone cloth backed, don't know if this matters to you

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    Attends doesn't ship to Aus found a company but need to know my 'needs' do i say, i like thicker nappies, prefer plastic back

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    *what do I say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justo View Post
    Attends doesn't ship to Aus found a company but need to know my 'needs' do i say, i like thicker nappies, prefer plastic back

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    *what do I say
    I think by 'needs' they are thinking more along the lines of what kind of incontinence you have (urinary, fecal, both) and whether it is light/moderate/severe incontinence. Usually on websites where they try and match an incontinence product to a potential customer they are interested in questions such as whether you are active and need something discreet, or whether you are bed or wheelchair ridden etc and will be mainly sitting or lying. Your needs would also include things such as whether you will need the nappy to be easily changed by someone else or easily taken off to use the toilet etc.

    When I have had to fill out a section on my 'needs' when requesting samples I usually state that I want something designed for severe incontinence (products designed for light/moderate incontinence will not usually hold much), that I will be wearing mainly whilst sitting or lying and that absorbency is more important to me than discretion. If you want thicker and plastic backed nappies you may wish to ask to try their most absorbent range, however, bear in mind that most nappy companies are not AB/DL aware so when communicating with product representatives it makes sense to be sensitive to this and not to make requests which seem unrelated to need, as need in this context likely means the nature of your incontinence and where/when you will be wearing.

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