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Thread: Where do buy Abena Abri-Form Extra M3

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    Default Where do buy Abena Abri-Form Extra M3

    I usually buy X-plus' off amazon but NorthShore Care Supply raised there prices so I'm looking to try the M3's to save some money.

    I've only found them via XP Medical and unfortunately they charge for shipping does anyone know of any other retailers, and yes I tried google without much luck.

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    Just checked their site added a case of M3's to a cart and free shipping was available.

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    Cases only ship free at XP medical.

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    Even though XP charges for shipping, they are GREAT and VERY fast. My vote goes for them

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    I am confused about this one. I buy the M4's from NorthShore Care Supply. I just went out to their website and for the ones I buy they haven't raised their prices. I don't see the M3's on their website, just the M4's and M2's.
    Were you buying them off of Amazon from NorthShore Care Supply?

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    Yes I was "buying them via Amazon from NorthShore Care Supply" I was able to get free shipping since amazon was filling the order.

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