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Thread: Casey Anthony Trial

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    Default Casey Anthony Trial

    This thing is everywhere, theres like constant coverage and i've been watching some of it. Personally, i believe she did it, theres just 2 much evidence against her to suggest otherwise. So what is your guys opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    ...what is it?
    That is a VERY good point.

    What the hell is it???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephy View Post
    ...what is it?
    Its a murder trial in Florida. Single mother's kid goes missing she wait thirty days to call the police. She changes her story many times, until they find the body then she doesnt say anything at all. Fast forward three years and the trial has started and there is zero DNA evidence and a lot of never used before used evidence like smells.

    She will be guilty but under the technicalities of the law she should be innocent.

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    She is obviously guilty, and its almost sad that it has taken this long to convict her.

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    Yes, I believe she is guilty. The fact that she didn't report her own daughter missing for 30 days is pretty condemning.

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    I think she's Guilty. If the jury comes back with a not gulity verdict I'm going to be fucking furious more so then I'd ever would of been with the OJ Simpson trial.

    (if I ever followed, looked into that case.)

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