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Thread: A Stuffing Discovery

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    Default A Stuffing Discovery

    This tip is mostly aimed at the TB's and others who can't get access to online diapers.

    Most everyone on the forum knows these two things:
    1. Baby diapers have great absorbancy and flood control for their size, but most can't fit in them and they're not made for adult-sized wettings.
    2. Generic or store-bought diapers generally have horribly absorbancy and can't handle a flood to well.

    So, what can we do to resolve this situation? We can stuff obviously. I'm sure this has all been done before of course, but I did some quick math and came up with some interesting numbers.

    According to the Walgreens website, you can pick up a 20 pack of their Certainty brand briefs for $13, sometimes $9 when they're on sale. I've been using them lately and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them for more than one wetting, especially a flood.
    But you can pick up a 23-pack of Pampers Baby Dry, which I believe are excellent stuffer, for $9 as well.

    So here's what I do. I get one pack of each. I take two of the Baby Dry, rip off the tapes and tabs, although I leave the leak guards intact, and place them inside one of the Certainty briefs. Put that whole combo on, and add another Certainty over the top, just because I like the bulk.
    By combining the flood control and absorbancy of the Pampers with the larger size and extra bulk of the Certaintys, we can make quite a nice diaper. I'm wearing one of these at the moment and I'm enjoying it immensely.

    So what's my point? Wearing two Pampers, at $0.39 each, and two Certaintys, at $0.65 each, means you've got about $2.08 worth of diaper on. Checking over at XP Medical, that's a good bit more than you would pay for an Abena X-Plus if you bought by the case.

    In a perfect world, everyone would be able to order online at the drop of a hat, and I'm sure all the store-bought brands would die. But since credit cards and nosy parents can be an issue, that's not possible for many of us. So for those who can't, with a quick trip to Walgreens and a bit of courage at the check-out, you can build yourself a diaper that has to be at least approaching the bulk of the yardstick premium diaper brand, if sadly probably not it's absorbancy.

    So I hope this method helps out some of our TB's who have been pining away for a better store-bought diaper.

    Good luck guys and happy diapering!
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    This is quite informative, actually. I'll keep this in mind.

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    Huggies Overnights have amazing absorbancy when used as a stuffer. (For a baby diaper)

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    Great post, very helpful!

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    This is a good idea. In Europe it is very different in what you can get in comparison with the US of A. This forum already gave me numerous good tips, including this one. Many thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by checkplease View Post
    Huggies Overnights have amazing absorbancy when used as a stuffer. (For a baby diaper)
    Oh yeah. i use these as well for stuffers and their awesome, and very thick for a baby diaper. Also, nighttime pullups are very good stuffers as well.

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    Yep, I've mentioned this around the boards here before. Baby diapers make great stuffers. Mr. X and I don't even bother with the Abena stuffers or anything like that anymore, since you can buy a box of size 5 diapers at Meijer for $13. Rip the sides off, poke holes in the plastic, put into diaper, and happy wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adjutantreflex View Post
    ...So what's my point? Wearing two Pampers, at $0.39 each, and two Certaintys, at $0.65 each, means you've got about $1.38 worth of diaper on. ...
    2*.39 + 2*.65 = .78 + 1.30 = $2.08

    Sorry for being a diaper econ Nazi. The combination might still be cost-effective, since it might replace more than one good adult diaper.

    A simpler option would be the doublers that Toys-R-Us carries, which are in the ballpark of $3 for a bag of 30. They also eliminate the need to remove tabs and perforate backsheets.

    However, they don't have the additional gathers which could either be a benefit by keeping flow from going directly out the outermost gather, or a drawback because they cover much of the outer diaper, especially if the multiple gathers aren't seated properly. The problem with using diapers of equal sizes as doublers it that the gathers will overlap instead of nesting: Instead of a leak having to pass four sets, it might only need to escape one or two.

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    This is great news. Now I need to find a wallgreens...

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