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Thread: Why adult diaper with out a waistband

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    Default Why adult diaper with out a waistband

    Why do you think adult diaper don't have waist band on like most baby diaper have to me it make the fit feel wrong with out a waistband?
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    I could be wrong, but it seems like many modern baby diapers no longer feature a traditional stretchy waistband. They have those breathing-bubble-things (micro-vents?), but that's about it. Answering the question, though, I guess it could just be an oversight on part of the diaper companies, or, as is more likely, they just might not think that it's necessary. After all, it doesn't impact the absorbency of the diaper at all, and they're in it for the money... you see where I'm going with this? That being said, however, I do agree-- it's just not the same without a quality waistband.

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    I leak really badly when I sleep in a diaper without a waistband...

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    Waistbands are nice, most child diaper companies I think are more worried about the overall fit anymore or just trying to stay on top

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