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    I just got out of prison after 4 1/2 years and am very excited to finally get to wear diapers again and suck on my paci whenever i can get the chance to be alone. [Removed meet request]. I have been wearing diapers for about 10 years and really enjoy wetting myself and knowing that others have no idea that i am wearing diapers and plastic pants.
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    Ok, two things...

    Firstly, this is mainly a support site (to adults AND minors), not a dating or meet-up site. Don't be surprised if no-one bites, is all I'm saying.

    Secondly, as intros go, yours is pretty poor. We're more than the sum of our diapers, after all, so we kinda expect you to tell us a little more about yourself. What other hobbies do you enjoy? Would you like to elaborate on being in prison any? What would you like to do with your freedom?

    Anyway, welcome... Try and fit in and make friends. Good luck.

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    Hi ruthenium67 and welcome to the site! DanDanSuperman is right we'd like to get to know you. For example you can tell something about your non-DL hobbies. Anyway, I hope you like it here and make lots of friends!

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    So... all we know is you were in prison, and you want to meet up.

    The real question is, what were you in prison for? o.o

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    While Dandan is correct, please let me assure you we ARE a support site; yes we are a diaper site, but we're different from the other diaper sites. After what you have been through I reckon we will be a really good place for you. Jail is tough, and it's easy to be sent up for a long bid. I have personally been involved with a guy (son of a friend) and I put some great effort into helping him.

    He came here from out of province, and I located housing for him and his gf, found him employment, helped him rebuild his ID, and taught him so he could pass his driving test. And made sure he didn't miss probation appointments. A new start all told.

    One thing that was cool was he arrived in town in the middle of a labor shortage: it's not unusual for semi-skilled to make $20/hr; the same work was paying $10 5 or 6 ys ago. Part of his issue had been that the manufacturing base in his city in Ontario had been hit hard and jobs were not to be had; so he had been involved with illegal things. He was thrilled to make a living wage working along side guys he got on with, and to get there in his 76 Caddy which his first paycheck went towards.

    Before I knew any jailbirds personally I loathed the lot of them; but now it's case by case. Many people in the US are hit by 3 strikes, especially minor possession/dealing, petty theft, or assault. Some ridiculous percentage of the American population has a record. I have come across also thoroughly honest people who are a bit handy with the fists; especially with liquor involved or a lady's honor. So I withhold judgement for ex-cons, and allow the benefit of doubt.

    As to meets, if you expect to meet any from this site it won't be until you are known as a person very well, and not until after at least some months. On the other hand there is a group for Oregonians... You might join it and chit chat among others in state. That way you will become "known" within the community, ours and the abdl community at large, and people will gradually warm to you.

    For a host of reasons, abdl's are a shy lot and are reluctant to meet anyone period, especially if they don't know you, or you are only trying to unearth a partner.

    Bear in mind you can (and many do) belong to more than one site at once: for looking for meetups I suggest Daily Diapers or possibly Diaperspace. DD has a good-looking meet subforum.

    So why not get to know Oregonians from here, and enjoy all Adisc has to offer; and as people get to know you meet arrangements can be made through another site. Adisc and DD also have large non-overlapping populations so this approach broadens your contact base.

    But do stay; you will find in the long run this is a kind, caring, and very smart community: and a very nice supplement to a more "adult fun and games" community.

    go here for oregonians' group
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