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Thread: What are the best places to get AB dresses?

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    Smile What are the best places to get AB dresses?

    I'm thinking about getting a sissy baby dress but most are rather expensive. I would sure appreciate any comments from anyone who as already purchased one or more on which sites offer the best products and prices. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    You'll struggle quite alot to find a decent dress to be honest. Websites seem to mostly focus on onesies and short-alls, that said, ebay has quite a few. My advice there though would be check the sellers feedback. I've bought quite a few outfits from ebay and almost all of them have been a bit on the poor quality side and only one of them fits properly. However, (the American one) has some really good stuff, so maybe you wont have the same problems I have with (English one).

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    Just go on and do a search on "adult baby"
    Get ready to spend a few hours browsing through the stuff and sellers ....

    @Littleabgirl : Why do you use instead the regular ?

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    I've done some browsing on EBay, and I saw several I was interested in. Do you all know anything about the seller out of Hong Kong? They seem to have a lot of them, but I'm a little worried about ordering from Asia. Also as I mentioned on the AB pet peeve thread, my size is once again a problem. I'm at the bottom of the sizing chart and am afraid it will swallow me and there's no returns!

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    This isn't my area, but I think Very Special Clothes sells that sore of thing. Just Google and it will appear. I believe she's Aunt Vie or something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimster View Post
    @Littleabgirl : Why do you use instead the regular ?
    Because isn't the regular ebay. There is no regular ebay. Ebay is sorted by country. So, being from England I use the because those are products being sold in England. I can use (the site for items being sold in America) however, I would have to pay the extra shipping fee's to have an item send from America. Also, not all sellers post internationally, so I could find something I really like on, but if the seller isn't willing to ship to England than i'm pretty stuffed. So I shop because I know I can get the item in question.

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