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Thread: Bedwetting more

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    Default Bedwetting more

    Ok so I wet the bed
    Like onc to three times a week and tired of a wet bed. Should I wet a little more to like 4 days so I can get protection?? It is like only one or two more a week.

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    if you are faking bed wetting in order to get diapers you should just stop as it probably wont end well as you may get caught or brought to the doctors and have a bunch o test run etc. on that note I don't think this belongs in the incontinence section but probably in the TB section with all the other "ideas" to get into diapers.

    TLDR: No don't fake it at all.

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    I just don't understand how people could fake bedwetting to get diapers. You most likely won't get them anyway, and it's.... You're basically lying to and manipulating your parents in order to fuel your own fetish/your own needs/wants. It's disgusting. Sorry to be a bit mean here but... How would you like it if, for example, a kid were to cause physical harm to himself just to get at some strong painkillers, or if a homeless person were to commit a ton of crimes just to get a roof over their head?
    Just think about your situation a little before it's too late, please.

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    If you're already having consistent bedwetting problems, then you need some form of protection. It doesn't matter how many times a week it occurs.

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    Woofcub and Dana don't be so quick to shoot him down as a faker. I agree it is lacking some detail, but by the sounds of Countryboy's post he already has a genuine bed wetting problem that occurs between one and three times a week but this is not often enough to warrant him getting protection. I doubt that if he was faking it he would keep it up if he was tired of waking up with wet sheets, he would just stop.

    If this is the case Countryboy, as MisterD said you need to get some form of protection and shouldn't need to wet more to achieve this.

    The only thing that i am not sure about is, if this is a genuine problem how do you intend to make yourself wet more often?

    Overall if its genuine then get protection now, if your faking it then please stop.

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    It is genuine bedwetting but parents won't get me protection unless it is like 5 or 6 times a week. So, my question is should I wet once or twice more when I awake or should I just ask. If so I need help on how to ask. Please help.

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    Well you shouldn't - but you should talk to your parents.

    I've been a bedwetter for a long time (6-17/18)... and I found diapers A LOT MORE PLEASANT than Wet-sheets (yuck... I hate waking up in a wet bed).

    Talk to them, be honest, I mean it's not like you ask for much, it basically would just be something to make you feel a tad more comfortable in a not so pleasant situation.

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    "Mom, Dad, I've been wetting the bed. I hate the hassle of gross wet sheets."
    I'd start the conversation like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col View Post
    "Mom, Dad, I've been wetting the bed. I hate the hassle of gross wet sheets."
    I'd start the conversation like that.
    I like this answer, and second it. If you're truly waking up wet, you need some type of help. A diaper, seeing the doctor(if you haven't already). Diapers will make clean up a bit more easy. Some people grow out of bet wetting and some need help. Don't wet more unless you really have to in order to get help. Stuff like this needs medical attention, means your body isn't working right.

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    I have a back tumor (not cancerous) and it is pushing on my bladder causing occasional bedwetting so I'll just ask for them but how ( them = diapers)

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