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Thread: Birthday soon!! ^^

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    Default Birthday soon!! ^^

    Soon it will be my birthday.
    It's the first time I really can't wait for my presents a friend of mine knows I'm a furry and bought me something that is related to the fandom!!
    I sooooooo wanna know what she's gonna give me!!!
    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Happy early birthday!!! She might give you a collar . Everyone who's a furry should get one (That's my opinion seeing how I like collar's) Or at least try wearing one, it give's you more of a animal feeling. At least it does for me

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    Here in Italy they say wishing happy birthday before time brings bad luck so I'll wait till the proper day anyway it's really nice you have a friend that is close and open minded enough to confide her this side of you!

    What jter42 says about collars is true: even if I don't consider myself a furry I've got to admit that I generally like the look a collar gives to its wearer. I've even considered buying myself one from a famous internet site that has a huge collection of them!

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    Happy Early Birthday! It may be a collar...hope you like whatever it is

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    Happy early birthday! Enjoy your day and remember to treat yourself. Please tell us what presents you get!

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    Happy early birthday. Be sure to have an incredible time and remember that this is your special day and nobody else.

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    Happy early B-day bud :P Hope she gives ya something epicly cool :P

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    I got my present yesterday. It was a necklace refering to my nickname! there's three of these orb like thingies on 'em one stands for shadow, another for sparky and the third for a convergence of them both! I luv it <3 'I'll post a picture ASAP

    And from my other friends I got lots 'o money

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