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    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the larger looking teats sold by pacifiersrus (Cherry Pop Teat 6 and Olive Teat 6):


    I really like the NUK 5 - I've got a growing collection of them - but am interested in what these larger teats are like. I haven't seem them discussed on here.

    Also, can anyone give me an idea about how long their shipping takes to the UK, and how discreet is their packaging?



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    Cant advise on the look feel etc of the larger teats but having purchased from them in the past I can say that their shipping to the UK is both fast and very discreet

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    In my own opinion, the Cherry Pop and the Olive ones just don't seem natural. But I haven't had experiences with either.

    I plan on getting a NUK 5 soon though!

    If you do happen to try these, be sure to let me know how they feel! :3


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    Personally I don't think they look as comfortable as the Nuk simply because it looks like the cherry pop and olive teats aren't shaped to fit the contours of the mouth. By that I mean that they look too rounded, and a rounded teat is going to push against the tongue and possibly force it back into the mouth (which is dangerous if you were to fall asleep like that) and make the jaw open wider - which will make the jaw ache. The Nuks are used in orthopedic mouth training and as such are designed to be the most comfortable in the mouth.

    To me these new ones like look like they would be intrusive in the mouth, rather than comfortable.

    I'd say if you like the Nuk5 stick with them.

    However, saying all that, curiosity is a good thing so if you still want to go for them good luck and please let us know what they are like

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    order one to try as my nuk 5 is okay but a bit small for me

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    I'm really interested in these as well. I grew up on cherry style teats, and these look like they would probably hold air in them, so I hope they should be exactly like what I used when I was little, only scaled up.

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