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    So I got me a problem. My Itunes has taken it upon itself to delete all 300+ songs off my Ipod, Itunes is now saying that it detects the Ipod, but cannot Identify it and to uninstall and then reinstall the program. So I did, it did jacksh*t. Still getting the same error message.

    I know it is not the Ipod because I was able to sync it to a laptop I have, I would just transfer my music from the Itunes to my laptop, but for some reason am only showing I have 104 songs in my Itunes library. I am missing everything I have put on in the past couple months (paramore, skillet, ect...) As well as I am missing a great deal of purchased music.

    Can anyone help me with getting my stuff back to my Ipod?

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    Sounds like your library probably got corrupted. since you said the iPod is syncing with your laptop, try this first:

    Assuming you're using windows: Click File > Add Folder to Library...

    Select your the iTunes folder in your My Music folder (or wherever it's located) if some of your music is in the My Music folder itself or subfolders other than the iTunes one, select the main My Music folder. iTunes will readd anything it finds that isn't already in your library (and will ignore the ones that already are).

    If that finds all your music, you should be fine just copying the files to your laptop.

    If it doesn't find all your music, look in the iTunes folder (depending on how long it's been installed you may have one or two, look for iTunes Media and/or iTunes Music) and see if you can find everything, especially your purchased stuff.

    Either way, after that uninstall all of the following in the order listed: iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Application Support. (if you have safari, remove it after QuickTime).

    Then reinstall iTunes and it will reinstall all iPod related stuff as well as iTunes. If you found all your music in the add to folder step, you should just need to reactivate itunes and it should work.

    if you didn't find your music delete the iTunes Library files from the iTunes folder in your Music folder and then start itunes and let it perform the first time search again, and reactivate it and it should work unless there's something else going on preventing it from talking to your iPod.

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    for the music you purchased from itunes you should be able to re download it without a problem, for the stuff that got deleted from your comp try a program called recuvia its free and works great at recovering deleted files recuva good luck I hope you get everything back. if a reinstall of the program doesn't fix the problem it might just be time for a reinstall of your computers operating system due to corrupted files or possible virus etc.

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    Oreocookie is correct...

    As far as any lost purchased music goes; you will not be able to just re-download your purchased music. You will need to contact Apple support, and they will reset your account so you can download everything again. Make sure you back everything up because they will not do that for you a second time.

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