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    Ok I admit it. I get extreamly jealous when my fiance babysits. I can barely stand to be in the same room!

    I think about, "why doesn't she treat ME like that? Why doesn't she call me honey or sweetie? I'm a better baby that this kid!" etc.

    Anyone else go crazy watching your significant other or someone else in general baby a kid (age appropriate) whether or not they know of your ab/dl side?


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    It really depends on the situation. For obvious reasons, I dislike staring at children for a lengthy period of time. But I DO get jealous of little girls who get some of the most adorable clothing ever! This same conundrum happens whenever i walk by the independent lil children's clothing store. There is always something that looks like exactly what I want, but it wont fit me in a gajilion years. :/

    May I inquire as to the reason you wont tell your fiance about your ABism?

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    Mybe it's time for you to talk to your fiance, don't you think?

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    I definitely know what ur talkin about. This is exactly what I believe to be the cause of me being a tb. My mom was a babysitter up until i was like 17. So you can just imagine what seeing all the babies and diapers as a child did to my psyche.

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    If you fiancée doesn't know about your AB side, remember she is babying a *real* child - it is a pretty natural thing for most of us to do. That said, overcoming the transition to baby an adult is not easy, so there is no guarantee she'd ever baby you that way. So in that respect, I'd not tell her *just* because she can baby a child well.

    That said, as she is your fiancée, you are making a big commitment to her. If you were planning on coming out at some point in your life together, do it before marriage - god forbid she dislikes it, it is easier to handle without the marriage licence.

    However, I do sympathise with your jealousy, just remember it's not really equivalent to AB play.

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    She already knows about my ab/dl side (sorry forgot to mention) and does baby me to some extent (no diaper change), but I feel like it's..... not as authentic as when she is intereacting with a child. I guess it just comes more naturally for her to baby a baby as apposed to babying an adult.

    And you are right eeyore, I need to realize that I'm not a child even though I may feel like one. I guess the real issue is I just get fusterated I can't physically turn back time and become a child again.

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