Congratulations to HogansHeroes, who, as of today, joins the staff team as a requests helper. Feel free to congratulate him here.

I'd like to announce that Near, babyjess and Loopy have been granted the ability to moderate in the public forums. This should help us respond to requests more quickly. If you see them showing up as "moderators" now, this is why. Post your congratulations here.

I'm sad to announce that Maytricks unfortunately has to resign from the staff team around the middle of June:

Quote Originally Posted by Maytricks
I guess all that really needs to be said is that i'll be busy with college for some time, and won't have much time to dedicate to helping out in the IRC. I won't be gone completely, but I will certainly be much less present than before. It's been an awesome experience and I think I will miss it!
You can wish him well here.