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Thread: Adult Swim going towards the stoners?

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    Default Adult Swim going towards the stoners?

    Is it just me or has Adult Swim gone in a direction that gears towards the stoners and drunks? With some of the commercials and shows they air such as Tim & Eric, which I can't figure out- cause I ain't a stoner, and I've cut back on booze- Superjail, and so forth- Makes me wonder if they are going for a stoner/drunk audience.

    I don't watch it much except for Family Guy and King of the Hill myself, but still- seeing the commercials and shows they air now, makes me wonder if they're going for the stoners and drunks.

    Just something I've noticed lately...


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    hello wildthing,
    i agree with you, but think adult swim has always been that way, including family guy. I'd like to see more stuff like home movies and harvey birdman because they aren't as outlandish, and relate more to cartoons i liked as a kid.
    frankly i don't really like all the violence in many of their cartoons because it's a little over the top just to make it funny. it bothers me a little more than stoner humor, cause it is on a kid's tv channel.. i know when i was watching cartoons it would've scared me for several nights if i accidently saw some of the gorey or sick things that are in those cartoons

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    There are a lot of horribly drawn and unfunny shows. I mean, at least get one or the other, right? I'm all for throwing new shows to the wall to see what sticks, but Assy McGee and 12 Oz Mouse and them are just awful.

    I actually like Superjail, though - the animation is so well-done, and the violence is so gratuitous and plentiful!

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    SuperJail! is a awesome show. As point Blanch said the animation on it's really well done and somewhat original. Couple that with the extreme violence and david wayne being a AWESOME voice actor and personality as the warden. Well it's just hands down good for a original IP. Also I think adylt swim doesn't catter to anyone but male viewers ages 14-30.

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    Weren't they always going for the stoners and drunks? My guess is they're stoners and drunks themselves.... we need a channel too, you know. I don't think there has ever been a channel with less respect for it's audience.. it's fantastic. I don't like everything on it though, some of it is pretty awful. I can't even watch a minute of tom goes to major, but 12 oz mouse was ridiculously funny to me (but I realize I may the only person in the world to think that).

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    I like the venture brothers, robot chicken and stroker and hoop. but all the other shows are just kinda lame. Superjail is alright and that childrens hospital makes no sense what so ever.

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    It's not just [adult swim], its cartoonnetwork in general. lately the shows they've been airing like awesomeshow have just been gatting lamer, I mean the new show (the amazing world of gumball) does look like its a pretty goods show but only time will tell if it's anygood. I had an idea if all the Tb/abs join together got a whole lot of money and bought out cartoonnetwork we might be able to make it better. since there is a certain part of us that is a child at heart we might be able to use that to our advantage when choosing shows. but sadly it may never be, still.

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    it seems like thats what is happening. in my opinion its just becoming more and more ok for people to become stoners and/or drunks, its actually pretty sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    I had an idea if all the Tb/abs join together got a whole lot of money and bought out cartoonnetwork we might be able to make it better.
    Ok, well, I got like $50, maybe someone else could chip in the other hundred million or so.

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    Adult Swim has a nice line-up of shows. ..Sometimes.

    Like Point Blanch said: 12oz Mouse and Assy McGee are terrible. Other shows like Squidbillies suck, too.

    But Adult Swim will make pot references and jokes, due to it being adult programming aimed mostly at 'mature' teenagers and college students.

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