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Thread: Being Changed and the feelings that go with it.

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    Default Being Changed and the feelings that go with it.

    So I have an interesting anecdote followed by a question.

    So today I went on a trip with a bunch of friends that don't know I wear. I was not allowed to bring anything with extra diapers in it for logistical reasons so I was in the same diaper from 6 in the morning until 5 pm. Yeah. I know. It wasn't wet until like 3 pm though. ANYWAY so when I got back and saw my Mommy she checked me right away. We were at Wal-Mart so she dragged me to the family bathroom in the rear popped a paci in my mouth and proceeded to change me right in the middle of a public bathroom in wal-mart!!!

    Anyway so my question is this. I feel like after I have been changed by my Mommy that diaper somehow feels...better. Anybody else feel that after their caretaker has changed them? Thoughts?

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    I had something like that done to me in a fred meyer family changing room stall while i was trying on clothes. >.>

    and Yes. yes yes yes. (unless the caretaker in question horribly fails at putting a diaper on others). There is definitely something special about the diaper you were changed into. It's almost like I was meant to be in it or something, it just brings me back to the young young younger days.

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    All one who hasn't (and likely never will) be able to partake in such an amazing experience, thank your lucky stars for being so fortunate.

    Just had to lay a guilt trip on you. Lol

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    I wish someone could change me :/ At least your lucky enough for it to happen to you x

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    Way are you mother change you diapers? What do the people around you say when there see you diaper?

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    although i have never been changed (at least not since i was little), i do feel waaaay better when i actually "diaper up." what i meant by that, is applying some diaper cream, then some nice soft baby powder, then finally a diaper or two. it just feels so much more, right, when i do it like that. i hope once i get older i may be able to get a change haha.

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    YESYESYES! my last girlfriend before the one i had now would change me... granted it was from an hj and i would have jizz in it not pee but nonetheless, and she would have me wait in it a bit before she would change me and then snuggle up. she usually kept me handcuffed so that i would have no control, and when she changed me i had the wholesome feeling of helplessness and that she was like loving me and caring for me, feeling clean and dry but importantly that i would be well-snuggled afterwards <3 it was just a very loving, intimate (and slightly kinky and sexy) situation.

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    I'm going to ask a slightly tangential question which has far more potential to benefit my greedy self. =p

    How did you come to find such amazing significant others? Did you meet them through AB/DL or did your relationship just grow, accepting your AB/DL feelings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I'm going to ask a slightly tangential question which has far more potential to benefit my greedy self. =p

    How did you come to find such amazing significant others? Did you meet them through AB/DL or did your relationship just grow, accepting your AB/DL feelings?
    I met my partner on ADISC (insert-typical-spiel-I'm-sure-you've-heard-before-about-ADISC-not-being-a-meet-up-site-here), so for us, the ABDL side of our relationship was always there. Neither of us had really fully explored it before that, though.

    Similarly, I met my 'big brother' (who also changes me) here, too. I have no idea how one would go about converting someone to being an AB/DL.

    Back on topic, I've been changed a few times, and I have to say, while the feeling of being so utterly vulnerable and exposed, and yet so safe and secure, is's not the best thing about being a TB for me. No, the best thing for me, is being taken care of by a caretaker. Diaper changes in and of themself have been, for me, largely a quite silly, giggly affair. Full of nervousness and blushing the first few times, for sure, but always fun. IDK. I see diaper changes as part of the fun when being babysat, but on their own they're not anything too special to me.

    There's so many feelings that can come with being changed; arousal, embarrassment, anxiety, relaxation, helplessness, innocence...everyone's experience will be different. I can tell you though, it can get mighty awkward and annoying when you find yourself sporting a boner during change time when you're aiming to get all little. Sometimes (in this scenario, definitely) the sexual side of things can spoil it a little.

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    I have to admit, never been changed before by anyone else as nobody has ever really accepted me as an adult baby. I've pretty much given up on it because I guess this is one of those things I'm not meant to have in life. Oh well. But still, I have changed an AB girl's diaper before and it is a special bond experience between the AB and yourself as you change their diaper. I was a daddy at that time by the way- not a baby at the time as my baby side is battle-scarred and damaged.

    Anyway, I have always wanted to be changed just to see how it feels.


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