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Thread: What languages do you speak?

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    Default What languages do you speak?

    There has been alittle talk about this in the past but not alot was said. Resently a thread was started about the language software Roseta Stone and it got me thinking. What languages do you speak and if you only speak one language what language or languages would you like to learn?

    As for myself I speak English and am learning German, but I know parts of Russian, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, and Dutch.

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    lol I know English, and some more English, and like 3 sentences in Spanish -.-... Although I am taking Spanish next year so I'll FINALLY learn a foreign language.

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    I speak english, and that's it.

    I honestly wanna learn either German or Japanese.

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    English...And a little bit of Spanish...Hardly any even though I took 4 years of it

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    I've always been a bit useless with languages. I've heard people say that anyone can learn one and it's just a matter of dedication so maybe I'm just lazy, but I don't seem to have much of an affinity with them.

    I do have a GCSE in German but that's fairly useless and I've forgotten all but the very basics - I could probably order a pint and...erm, that's about it. I know a teensy bit of French from school as well but really nothing to speak of.

    Best way to do it, if you have the opportunity, is to go and live in another country for sixth months or so. I've got an annoying number of friends who have go to South America and come back almost fluent in Spanish.

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    English, and a handful of phrases in other languages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    I speak english, and that's it.

    I honestly wanna learn either German or Japanese.
    Get with Peachy, he helps me with my German all the time.

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    I speak English. Lots and lots of English. I took Spanish in high school, I can't really speak it, but I can read some of it... I'd like to learn some Japanese, too. Know just bits, and tend to squeal out bits when overly excited. DX I don't mean to, but it happens. A little interested in German since my friend is currently obsessed with it.

    Does it count that I can speak in my own language I've been working on for the past few years~?

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